10 Ways To Reduce Temptation

Ways To Reduce Temptation

Temptation is an urge to do bad things. An individual is enticed into performing several transgressions. We often fall victim to such urges and do not bother to think about the repercussions. This vulnerability is not new. It has existed since the first time humans walked the Earth. Whatever your temptations are, they are preventing you from being the best version of yourself. It is an absolute necessity that you take command of your life and win the battle against such allurements, to be a better human being.

Here are ten ways you can use to reduce and fight off temptations:

1. It is impossible to win a battle if you do not know who you are fighting.

The first step toward reducing your temptations is to “Know Them”. Carry out a self-assessment frequently. And ask yourself: What tempts you? Why do you fall for it every time? You will see that once you know more about yourself and your weaknesses. You will be better prepared against your temptations. Find out your vulnerabilities and list down the consequences of falling for them. Once you realize what is at stake, you will be motivated to abstain from your temptations.

2. Keep Yourself Busy With Healthy Activities

An Idle Brain is the devil’s workshop! Indulging yourself in healthy and positive habits and activities will not only help you subdue temptations. Also, it will improve your overall productivity massively. We are most prone to giving up on our urges when we are idle and have spare time on our hands. So pick up a hobby and keep yourself engaged in something you enjoy doing. This could be as simple as going for a walk or exercising to keep your mind off stress and enticements.

3. Meditate

e Meditation is a rewarding activity. It relieves stress and also helps you focus and freshen your mind. When it comes to reducing temptations, meditation is helpful. Whenever you feel that you have a desire, you would otherwise wish to subdue. Take a while to breathe deeply, clear your mind and meditate. This way, you will regain control over your emotions and thoughts. As a result, you will have evaded falling for your temptations.

4.Choose your friends wisely

Who we surround ourselves with matters a lot. So be around people who want to be better. Be friends with people who are supportive, and will help you achieve what you desire. And avoid the company of such people who demotivate you or hold you down. For Example, if you want to quit smoking, do not be around people who smoke or at least when smoking. You will be reducing temptations that you wish to leave behind in life.

5. Get enough rest

It is important to give yourself sound sleep and adequate rest to preserve your energy. People fail to fight their temptations when they lack sufficient energy and willpower. Lack of energy is a byproduct of not getting rest. So after spending your day indulged in healthy activities, it is best to treat yourself to a good sleep at night. This shall restore your energy to resist temptations and increase your productivity the day after.

6. Limit your exposure to temptation

The the best way to resist temptations is to stay far from the things that tempt you. Keeping yourself away from such an environment where you are more likely to be overcome by allurements will help you resist urges. If you are tempted to substance abuse, it is best to avoid bars and clubs. Similarly, if you are tempted to use social media a lot, you should limit your screen time altogether to resist this urge. The purpose of the discussion is to control your access to the things which tempt you, and you will be able to resist them better.

7. Relieve Stress Effectively

We give in to temptation most when we are afflicted. That is why stress should be managed effectively. Stress can be managed in several ways, for example; socializing with friends and having fun, watching a funny movie, or simply having a nice meal. Anything that can take the stress off your mind helps.

8. Think of loved ones

When you find it hard to restrain yourself from being overcome by temptations, think of your loved ones. Understand that your urges are hampering you from being better and ultimately affecting the people around you. When you realize that your vulnerabilities affect you, and also people close to you as well. You will be well-equipped with the motivation and willpower to resist when temptations allure you.

9. Believe in Yourself

It is essential to believe in yourself even when it seems impossible. Everyone has bad days, and none of us succeed always. It is okay to fall as long as you have the will to try again! So trust the process and have faith in yourself. Your efforts will pay off, and when they do. You will have a spectacular tale to tell.

10. Reward yourself

fight against temptations is very hard. It is a treacherous journey with lots of hurdles. When you win a battle against your demons, make sure you celebrate the occasion! Appreciating yourself will keep you motivated and will add to your confidence. Every victory should be rewarded. The next time you subdue your temptations, you praise and reward yourself for it.

Ways To Reduce Temptation
10 Ways To Reduce Temptation



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