What is prayer?


Prayer is communication with God, our Father. Communication is the key to a good relationship with anyone. Imagine you do not need to make an appointment to speak to the most-high, an excellent opportunity we all take for granted. Matthew 7:7 says, “asks, and you will receive.” Everything we need in life can be ours; start receiving by communicating with God. Continue reading “What is prayer?”

Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success


Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success, Read How…

It is essential to develop an attitude of gratitude. When Cain and Abel gave their offering to the Lord, Abel’s sacrifice was accepted while Cain’s was rejected. Cain was outraged, but instead of asking himself why his sacrifice was rejected, he killed his brother Abel. His sacrifice was rejected because he was not grateful enough to give his best. Eventually, his attitude caused anger, a murderous spirit, and a lifelong curse.” Continue reading “Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success”

Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Know Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety:

We all have been in one of those gloomy days when everything seems to frustrate us for no reason at all. According to the Global Stress Organization report, 75% of people in the U.S. suffer from moderate to high stress daily, which makes it very important to practice healthy tips to reduce stress and anxiety in our daily lives. Continue reading “Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety”