Appreciate me while i am alive/ If tomorrow never comes

Appreciate me while i am alive:


Appreciate me while I am still alive! Yes, I said it. I will not be ashamed nor mince my words when saying this. Life is a gift; many times, we take it for granted. We do not appreciate those we claim to love only to have a rude awakening when they suddenly depart from our lives. We are then left with no choice than to live with the “could have” and “I should have” thoughts of guilt.

The Coronavirus is teaching me not to take time and people for granted. We have been previously living a carefree and procrastinating life, where everything is pushed to the next day. Not prioritizing, putting value in material things rather than investing in people. Our most valuable gifts are free of charge. The reset button has been pushed; the awakening is here. We are now learning to unlearn what we know and re-learn what is necessary to leave with this virus. I am unlearning and re-learning; now, it is my time to share a few things with you.

I have learnt tomorrow may never come. Not to be negative, but it is in black and white, things can change in a split of a second. Bearing this in mind, I am doing as much as I can today, ensuring that I can look back and smile at my achievements at the end of the day.

Love makes the world go round. I dare say: you love me now or do not love me at all. Do not wait until I am gone. Why wait until my burial day to buy me flowers? Why wait for the anniversary of my death to celebrate the life I had? No, this will not make sense to me then. I will not be there to look into your eyes and find the truth in your words. Nor will I be there to feel the butterflies in my stomach as you express your comments to me now.

Kindly do it now! Write me a poem and read it aloud. That song that makes you think of me every time it plays serenade me with it now. I deserve to go out on that date while I can still savor the food. Why make the same food for my visitors on my day of rest? The eulogy that you so passionately and emotionally read about me, keep it. If you cannot say those words to me now, then do not tell them to me then. Not to be ungrateful of your presence at my wake but give me my dues while I can still enjoy them; there is no second chance.

If you feel our relationship is strained, face me; let us work on it together, so we enjoy what we salvage. If we cannot work it out at any point, let us amicably part ways without bitterness or malice.

Death is the culmination of life; it will come at times unannounced or even gradual. Nevertheless, I ask you when I am gone, smile, and laugh. Reminisce on the good times we had and the memories we created while we still had the opportunity. Do not cry; instead, celebrate me knowing you, and I exhausted our time; expressed our love for each other and have no pending issues.

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2 Replies to “Appreciate me while i am alive/ If tomorrow never comes”

  1. Hi!

    Your Appreciate me while i am alive/ If tomorrow never comes page on your site is truly compelling. I sure reminded me of the reality that we all need to enjoy life now and while we are still bodies moving around on earth.

    Presently I can be labeled a workaholic and it truly is not because of choice it is practically by force. I wonder if the stars and the universe is trying to tell me something. Your site is the second in two days that speaks to reminding me I need to do more to enjoy life and do something to have a work/life balance.

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational article on the importance of appreciating people and others now before we cannot express it to them.

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