The Importance of Debriefing During and After a Pandemic

The Importance of Debriefing During and After a Pandemic


Pandemics are nature’s way of reshaping our lives. But for regular human beings, pandemics cause feelings of anxiety, grief, and stress. That’s not all. Pandemics force us to cancel our plans and upend our livelihoods at times. At such events, psychological debriefing is recommended and should be organized.

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The Importance Of Forgiveness


What Is Forgiveness and Why You Should Forgive?

Ever heard of the famous quote, ‘To err is human; to forgive divine? Well, you must have. These words were said by the famous poet Alexander Pope. We, humans, are flawed, and when in a relationship, we do end up making mistakes. These mistakes can often lead to sorrow, disagreements, strife, and feeling betrayed. Therefore, as humans, we should always remember these three important lessons: Tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness. Although the ultimate power of forgiveness is on God, you and I can also learn to forgive. Because forgiveness will help us avoid resentment and bitterness and salvage the relationships close to our heart.

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