Basic Health Tips

Get Basic Health Tips: Did you know it takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away? There are personal health practices that, when put into practice, will not only give you a long, healthier life but also save you from expensive medical treatment and consultation.


One of the primary health care practices is to take plenty of water, especially first thing in the morning.

It helps your body detox and gets the bodily functions going. If you are the type that does not like plain water, you can squeeze in lime or infuse with fruits like strawberries or cucumber, or even mint leaves.


Ensure you work out once a day at least three times a week to help the muscles stretch and have a fit body.

Exercise will also boost your immune system, and you will also look good when those clothes start fitting you.

3-Healthy eating

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as part of the meal every day, decreasing heart diseases, obesity, and other lifestyle illnesses.

4-Good sleep

6 – 8hrs of rest should do you good. Moreover, did you know that a well-rested body rarely gets sick?

5-Avoid sugar

Sugary drinks and snacks are some things you should avoid. Instead of cutting sugar all at once, you can begin with reducing the intake and eventually let the habit go.

6-No extreme dieting

In the long-term, extreme diets sometimes do not work. You might even end up depriving your body of nutrients.

Instead, you can have smaller portions than usual—half vegetables, quarter starch, and quarter protein.

The journey to a healthier you begins with self-care. When you start taking small steps towards your well being, it inevitably becomes a habit that can produce remarkable positive changes.

A pessimistic lifestyle deteriorates your body, mind, and the quality of your life.

It’s better to incorporate small changes in your lifestyle that could prevent you from having to take extreme action when things get out of hand.

Sound sleep can help you focus more on your work, just being mindful of eating can prevent you from eating, and taking a glass of water in the morning can boast of a metabolism that keeps you fresh all day.

Being healthy isn’t a destination you need to reach it is a journey that you’ll fall in love with once you start. Studies show that people with a productive lifestyle develop high immunity and increased life expectancy. Do this out of love for yourself.

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8 Replies to “Basic Health Tips”

  1. This article is great for me, I really like the way you write and I have to tell you that I have already read several of your articles. They are very interesting and easy to read, which plays a big role for me because English is not my native language. Great job, keep it up.

  2. Thanks for this short, sweet, and very informative article, I did not know that enough sleep will prevent you from getting sick! I think I should go back to bed! LOL! I believe fruits and vegetables are very important for our health and I like the fact that you amplified their importance by instructing that fruits and vegetables should be part of our daily meal, so true! 

    1. Sleep is very improtant, during this period the body is repaired.Organs are repaired and hormones are released. Thanks for commenting

  3. I love the image you used. I hate how people nowadays completely neglect their own self-care, whether it’s mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially, people seem to neglect it a lot. And when you actually pay attention to it people demonize it for some reason. I know this wasn’t the only subject that your article was about But it is something that definitely sparked my thoughts and I wanted to write them down here because I’m sure you find them interesting

  4. Hi, thank you so much for sharing this article, its right to the point which I love. It’s amazing to know that only these 6 aspects mentioned can make a significant difference to our health. Now that we are mostly at home I am certain that many of us are under a lot of stress and choose to indulge as a way to feel better. Taking care of ourselves is what is going to get us through this and, ensuring that we come out stronger and healthier in the end. Take care!

    1. Simple steps can go a long way, we should all the the little we can for improved health conditions.

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