How To Cope When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

How To Cope When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart:

Falling Apart

Coping in difficult situations. Everyone in the world faces many difficulties, ups, and downs, some people do not try to solve their problems and others fight for their dreams and work to achieve their goals. The ones who fight for their future and goals are successful persons and the high achievers.

Everyone wants to be successful, but not all of us are willing to sacrifice and fight to achieve our goals. If you want to become successful and want to become motivated then you need to make things happen. Do not wait for the right time, or the right situation begin now.

The 7 best steps to remain motivated even if everything seems to be falling apart.

  1. Take a break
  2. Get support
  3. Set goals
  4. Schedule your timetable
  5. Setup your plans
  6. Implement your plans
  7. Achieve your goals
  • Take a break:

First of all, you have to take a break from all your activities to relax and renew your mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed and have been going the extra mile without any breakthrough. Your should relax and take a break. Go with your friends, enjoys your life so your mind gets to relax or renewed. After a much deserved-break, one should feel energized with a new perspective.

  • Get support:

Everyone needs some support in his life. You need to find some support,. Having a supportive family and like-minded friends is a blessing. If you have them then you are blessed and ask them for support. They will support you both financially and spiritually, they will also help you to make your mind relax.

  • Set Goals:

Setting goals is one of the most important processes for any person to remain motivated. All you need is to create goals, you may use a journal to write and keep track of your progress. An individual with no goal is like a body with no vision. It is very important to set goals. If you have a goal then you should remain motivated and try to achieve them. Before someone begins a journey, he or she should have a destination in mind. A goal is a destination.

  • Schedule your Timetable
  • After setting your goals, the next step is preparing a schedule/ timetable. Scheduling gives you an idea of how you should allocate your time. So, schedule your time and keep that goal in mind and work towards achieving it. Monitor your progress and use the schedule as a guideline.
  • Setup your plans

Plan before your act, do the necessary research. Everyone sets goals, but only a few people can achieve them. Why? It is because those who achieve their goals have the best plans. So, you need to create the best suitable plans to achieve your goals and remain motivated.

  • Implement your plans:

Implementation can be very difficult after a plan is created it. Sometimes implementation can be difficult but it gets easier with practice. All you need is to remain motivated and work towards achieving your goals. You will succeed if you keep moving forward.

  • Achieve your goals:

Now, it is time to get your award. If you stay motivated and implemented your plans then it’s time to achieve your goals. You will fulfill your dreams and will stay motivated if you follow all the steps given above. Just remember one thing, you need to work hard, satisfy yourself, relax your mind and set a goal, prepare a timetable, then create a plan for goals that implement those plans and then enjoy your success. The sky is the limit…..

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20 Replies to “How To Cope When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart”

  1. Hey, your article is very helpful especially the scheduling of time part, in this days the scheduling of time is a big problem for all of us, we all living in the complexity of time. The time for m opinion is running so fast and we need to schedule it because life is so short. I love your article keep it up.

    1. I am happy to know this article was helpful, time management plays a huge role in our lives

  2. Hi Diana. I really liked your article. I think that you cover all of the important aspects of how to stay motivated when everything seems to be falling apart, and I also think that this can be really helpful to anyone who feels the same way or is going though a rough time. Sometimes, as individuals, we get so involved and focused on our own lives that we tend to get tunnel vision and forget to follow the steps you’ve outlined in your post. I have definitely been there before myself, and I completely agree that it is important to set goals but many also forget that taking breaks is important and often goes overlooked!

    1. With no goal an individual leaves everything up to chance. It is necessary to set goal and know where you are heading.

  3. Thanks for the guide, Diana. My problem is procrastination. When things are not going the way I want, I tend to tell myself to give it a break but a day went by, then another day, then another. Hence the goal post shifted further. A timetable does help but there is always a reason not to complete a certain task on a given day. Being a stay-at-home mom ferrying my kids to and fro school and other activities does not leave me much time to achieve my goals. Wish I’m more time and work discipline. 

    1. We all suffer from procrastination, however we make a lot of excuses because we ae afraid of change.

  4. Thank you so much for this article over coping when everything is falling apart!  This is great advice I believe, for people who constantly feel hopeless.  I wonder though, what if we make a schedule but some of the things on it take longer than what we schedule them for?

    1. In life thing will not go exactly by your rules, the important thing is you plan and know where you are headed. Scheduling will get better with practice

  5. This is a very nice review.

    your article is very helpful especially the scheduling of time part, in this days the scheduling of time is a big problem for all of us, we all living in the complexity of time.

    1. how do I get rid of all the toxic friends I have and coup up with the right friends?

    2. How do I get to stay motivated without being broken?

    3.  procrastination. When things are not going the way I want, I tend to tell myself to give it a break but a day went by, then another day, then another.

    thank you for the nice and powerful article you have.

  6. I love the way you put it – everyone wants to be successful. Truth, we all desires success but not all are ready to pay the ultimate price. The ups and down of success can drown us but we need the keep our heads up the waters. Like you rightly highlighted, we need supports sometimes in the journey but we must set goals and highlight our priorities. Thanks for this needed motivation 

  7. Hi and thanks for sharing this very valuable guide to what to do when things are falling apart. I am by nature very disorganized and my work often does get out of hand. What I find works is that instead of scribbling random notes to myself all over already cluttered scrap paper, I take a fresh empty sheet and write down all the things I need to do. What I find most difficult is translating goals into a plan. This brings me to my question.

    In your opinion, what is it that makes the difference between an effective plan and a jumble of goals? What elements need to be in a plan to make it workable and ultimately successful? Thanks, Andy 

    1. An effective plan is a clear description of your goals. To be successful, one should know he or she wants to achieve, have a plan, set an appropriate time frame, be consistent and stay focused. With hard work and dedication almost everything is possible

  8. Your site has a ton of good content. Thank you very much. I believe that one of the most important points here for me is setting plans and also implementing them. When it comes to bad times, non of us can say we will never have them. But being able to cope with this is a skill that not all of us develop.

  9. Hi, Diana,

    I enjoyed your post. It really resonated with me. I’m at a point in my life where I must make important decisions that will define my future.

    A few months ago I felt depressed, and I felt I needed a break from everyone and everything. So I traveled and met people, but most importantly, I reconnected with myself. I came back home a different person.

    I must confess I have a hard time with goals and schedules, but I will work on that. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. But what if you have to cope with matters outside of your influence? September 2014, easily the worst time of my life. Two good friends died, my mother passed away, one of my investments went pearshaped and my labor contract would not be extended at the end of that year. You can’t take a break from that, but I agree you can get support and set a new goal. That is when I found Wealthy Affiliates and started my own online business the following October. As they say, the rest is history.

    I am not sure if you studied Buddhism, but do you think that could also help people? It sure helped me back then. Accepting the things that invariably come to each one of us. Attach, but not too much as all things will change. That kind of thing.

    1. Thanks stopping by and also your comments. This prayer comes to mind.

      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

      As we grow, we may have to let go of stuff, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes it is difficult but the sad truth is it is what it is.

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