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How to Build Mental Toughness and Grit: 10 Easy Steps for Ambitious Souls

Do you want to be massively successful in life? If the answer is yes, then are you mentally tough enough and resilient to make it happen? I think any ambitious person would agree that finding success in today’s tough world can be very difficult. And putting in the same amount of effort every single day can prove to be draining mentally, emotionally, and physically.

All successful people can agree to the fact that the path to success isn’t easy. There are going to be lots of ups and downs, and facing failure, stress, discouragement, self-limiting beliefs, burnout is going to be a part of it. Well, then why is it that some people continue striving down this path despite the odds? How is it that these people persevere and stay strong year after year without giving up? The answer is mental strength.

What Is Mental Toughness?

Studies have shown that rather than talent, mental strength or grit is the key to success. Now, what is mental toughness? Simply put, mental toughness is the ability to persevere no matter how tough the going gets. Mentally tough people can push through any obstacle and forge their path to success. In contrast, people with low levels of grit or mental toughness end up abandoning their dreams.

Well, no matter what you have been taught or told, or the kind of person you are and the belief system you have, developing mental toughness and achieving success is possible. Below are mentioned 10 habits that you need to follow if you want to be mentally tough and build true grit.

Building Mental Toughness and Grit

As you can guess by now that the most important predictor of being successful is being mentally tough. Our mindset is what makes the real difference in our lives. Mental toughness is what helps to build and sustain this grit. Read the 10 mentioned steps to build your mental strength:

1. Enjoy Solitude

How well do you know yourself? And how comfortable are you with yourself? The only way to know the answers to these questions is if you spend time with yourself. So, meditate; make it a weekly or daily practice if you can. Solitude can also boost your creativity, teach you to love and accept yourself and therefore improve your overall well-being and your mental toughness.

2. Change Your Focus

Focus on your strengths to magnify them instead of focusing on your weakness. Focusing on improving our strength will help us grow faster and be more creative, energetic, and confident. This is the reason why mentally tough people acknowledge their weaknesses while watering their strength.

3. Make Failure Your Pillars to Success

One of the most important things to remember in life is that failures are important experiences and lessons only. Failure will take you a step closer to your goal rather than pushing you back. So the next time you fall, rise stronger instead of giving up completely. For anyone who wants to be mentally tough, you have to integrate this perspective fully.

4. Release Control

Mentally tough people have a superior power of discernment. They understand that you have control only over the present moment. When you try to control things, you can’t, you just end up overthinking and ruining your peace of mind. So, focus on thing that you can control. This habit will keep you energized, positive and motivated.

5. Stop Dwelling on Your Misfortunes

Life is hard, and things hardly go as we have planned. Sadness is a part of this human experience as much as happiness is. But dwelling on the sadness and misfortunes will destroy our future. So instead of playing the victim card, believe that the power to change your life is still in your hands. No matter what, never stop believing that there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel

6. Learn to Be More Compassionate

Your capacity for compassion and empathy are signs of mental strength. Remember that your words and actions don’t just affect your life but the life of others too. So, try putting yourself in their shoes to understand life better. And when being compassionate, don’t forget yourself. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

7. Take Action

Don’t be afraid to take action. Always remember developing your competence will fuel your self-belief, and this will make you more confident. So instead of thinking too much, just take action. This will help you master your fears, nurture your resilience, and fuel the faith in yourself.

8. Stop with The Comparison to Others

We humans have been taught the scarcity mindset, which makes us believe that we need to constantly compete with others. Well, it’s time you unlearn that and start reminding yourself that we live in an abundant universe. And also, don’t forget the definition of success is different for everyone, so instead of comparing yourself to others, get inspired by other’s success.

9. Don’t Expect Results Overnight

Being successful is like running a marathon. And you need to keep building stamina for this marathon. So, you see, success cannot be instant. You need to keep being consistent and then see the magic happening. Slow down, enjoy the process and focus on your target no matter what, and you will see the results slowly but surely.

10. Embrace Change

Ever heard people say that the only constant in life is change? You can either decide to change or end up being the victim of change. A sign of mental toughness is your ability to initiate the change instead of shying away from it. Remember, if you want to grow, it won’t happen if you are stuck in your comfort zone. So, keep expanding, embrace new experiences and be comfortable being uncomfortable.

What makes a person a good parent? Or a great athlete? Or an outstanding leader? Research says that intelligence, although important, accounts for only 30% of a person’s achievement. So, what has more impact than intelligence? Its mental toughness. We hope that this article helps you understand what mental toughness is and how to develop it so that you can be unstoppable in life and “shine bright like a diamond.”

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  1. The first thing that struck me about this website was that it is either a GeneratePress or a Thrive Themes website

    Out of curiousity which is it

    The subject matter itself is very good, personally I have never suffered from being weak mentally in adult life. Thats thanks in part to two things, once being my late mum, the second was being in work that encouraged a Postive Mental Attitude to life

    Certainly the points you make from 1-10 are very valid and its good to see you have sharing buttons on your website, because the content is good enough to share, which in fact I have on Twitter.

    I enjoyed all the article

    1. It’s a Themes website, thank you vey much for your comments and also sharing my article.

  2. I think mental toughtness is so important for living. Your article really breaks down the components of mental toughness and helps teach everyone how to attain it. I’m going to reread this article often to remind myself how I can manage life. This is a very helpful article. I even forwarded it to my family. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This has been a very useful post. Thank you very much! I take examples from athletes that push through difficult circumstances without losing confidence and the ability to play at peak levels during crunch-time. I know that this is a very important skill. And being aware of it’s importance is a first step. Then working on it will take a lifetime.

  4. Hi Diana. Very interesting article. Its good to read something more spiritual and not only focused on commerce and earning money. Couldn’t agree more that mental toughness is very important in current challenging world. There are always people who will use every weakness and we all have to be aware of it. You advices are very helpful (especially one about compassion and empathy which is not so obvious) and Im looking forward to use them in practice.

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