Everyone On Earth Is Important

You are important

Everyone on the Earth Is Important – 5 Reasons Why You Deserve to Be Here

So, why are we important? Why does our existence matter? Why do we deserve to be here on the earth? Do all these questions peep into your mind? If you say yes and are looking for the answers to the mentioned questions, then let us tell you that you are just in the right place.

Everyone deserves to be here on the earth, and everyone is important. Now, if you say why, here we have some reasons for you. Quickly check these out now.

1. No One Can Replace You Ever

Yes, you heard it right. There is not any replacement for you. Everyone is different, and that’s why we are individuals. No one can replace you. Each of us leaves a mark wherever we go, and this makes us different.

2. Your Absence Will Affect the Lives of a Lot of People

If you were not here on the earth, the lives of a lot of people would have been different. Your absence will affect the lives of a lot of people for whom you are the reason why they smile. You can count your parents in on it.

Whether you were in touch with these people for years or just for a few days, you are still a part of their story, and your presence matters to them. You should be here for yourself and also for those people who love you and treasure you.

3. You Have a Purpose Here

Everyone has a purpose in life, even if he or she doesn’t know it. Maybe you are confused because you don’t know why you are here on the earth. But, trust us, everyone has a reason why he or she is here. Keep on trying to know the answer to the question – “What is my purpose in life?”, and one day you will surely figure out the answer. You will realize why you have been here on the earth for so long and why you should continue living.

4. You Are Here to Make Some Contribution

Everyone is important, and we all are here to make some contribution to the earth. Like other people, you, too, have something to contribute. Just think about it – think about how you can contribute to this planet. You too can do a lot of things to improve the earth’s health.

5. You Are Potential

All human beings are born with certain potentials, and you are not exceptional. You, too, are have some hidden strengths. So, just stop thinking that you are born with no potentiality. What you need to do is to unlock your hidden potential first. To do it, you need to think about what you are good at. Once you become successful in unleashing the hidden strengths, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Also, you will find a reason to live here on this planet.

Final Words

Your life matters a lot, and you deserve to live here on this planet for a long time. Life is precious, and everyone is important. Many of us often feel down and experience stress and anxiety since we don’t find valid reasons to continue living. What we usually think is that our life is not that much important.

But remember, these feelings are temporary. Try to change your thought patterns, motivate yourself, and remind yourself why you deserve to be on the earth. Once you find your purpose in life and the reasons why you should continue living, you will feel great. Your life has a meaning, and you, too, deserve to be happy. Think positive and stay calm. You are important; you are precious!

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  1. Hello Philina,

    Wow-what a very powerful website you are creating!  I absolutely love your blogs which include Bible verses, very encouraging to know the words around even something like procrastination is written in verses for us to take heed.

    I can certainly see that you have a beautiful mindset to encourage others, so lovely to witness.

    Kind regards


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