How To Do Well On A Job Interview

8 Useful Tips on How to Do Well on Job Interviews

Picture this – you finally found your awesome dream job, and now you got a call from a real human being who actually wants to meet you and consider you for the job. Well, congratulations! That is indeed everyone’s dream someday. Isn’t it? But wait – are you prepared for your dream job interview? If not, well, then you have some work to do. And what you need now is some great interview tips to land that job.

Preparing for that interview is not an easy task. Even the most qualified and smartest job seeker needs to prepare well for the job interview. Now, are you wondering why? That’s because, firstly, you won’t get a second chance to make that great first impression, and secondly, no one is born with interview skills. You need to learn it. Are you eager to know more about these job interview skills? Well, then just keep reading.

1. Be Clear About Why You Want the Job and Your Selling Points

It’s important to have at least 4 to 5 key selling points prepared in your mind before you go to an interview. Also, make sure to be clear and precise as to why you think you are the best choice for that particular position. Make sure to let the interviewer know why you find the experience with the company valuable, what interests you the most, and why your abilities are perfectly suited for the job. Remember, the key focus should always be to make the interviewer understand that you are really interested in the company and the position.

2. Research Well

It is very important to understand what the role of the interviewer is in the organization as well as the company itself. This information will boost your confidence and help you ace the interview. The interviewer may also ask you how you perceive the company’s position, what the competitive advantages are, who the competitors are and how to proceed with these competitors. Try to be precise and answer all these questions correctly. Also, consider studying thoroughly about the company’s website instead of researching different industries.

3. Prepare for the Frequently Asked Interview Questions

It is always a good idea to go prepared for the interview. Whether you are reading a book on how to nail that interview or goggling for suggestions on nailing the interview, there is a list of frequently asked questions you will find everywhere. Questions like “Tell me about yourself,” “what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses,” “why do you want to work for us.” “Why did you quit your last job” – these questions are very common. Preparing for them will make sure that you don’t have to fumble for the answers during the time of the actual interview.

4. Come with Some Intelligent Questions for Your Interviewer

Want to show your interviewer how serious you are about the job? Well then, come prepared with some intelligent questions that can easily demonstrate your knowledge about the company. Before conducting the interview, interviewers always tend to ask whether you have any queries or questions. Now, just saying no to the question would give the impression that you are not all serious or interested in the company or the job. So, go with a question like, what is the best thing about working in this company. In case you have multiple interviews in the same company, keep prepared several questions along the same lines

5. Remember “Practice Makes Perfect”

Almost everyone comes prepared to the interview with answers to frequently asked questions like “Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?” Now, it’s obvious what you would say, right? But, can you give the answer loudly and confidently enough for the interviewers to be convinced? Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds, and this is why; practicing is very important. The best way of practicing is to rehearse in front of a group of friends. You can also record while practicing and listen to it later to understand areas where you need to improve.

6. Be Positive

No interviewer is going to be thrilled to hear someone complain and whine. So, why think negatively? Even if the interviewer ends up asking questions like “What is the one thing you really don’t like about your last job,” it is better to avoid such questions. Instead, talk about all the things you learned about your previous job in highlight. Also, close with a positive note by letting the interviewer know how much you really like the job and want it. In fact, ask for it; that way, if the interviewer has finalized two candidates, he/she would be more likely to go with you.

7. Focus on Scoring Success from the First Impression

There are a lot of studies that show that interviewers tend to make their decisions about candidates during the very first five minutes. What do they do during the rest of the interview? If you ask, here is our answer for you. They just spend the rest of the interview trying to look for things to support their decision. So, what do you do to that nail that first impression? Well, to start with, bring in the enthusiasm and energy, and then show your appreciation for the time and energy the interviewer is investing. Also, to create that first impression in the first five minutes, begin with a positive comment about the firm.

8. Carry Copy of Your Resume

It’s important to carry a copy of your resume every time you appear for an interview. In case your resume does get misplaced by the interviewer, you will save a lot of embarrassment and time by pulling out the extra copy and handing it over to the interviewer.

Having a bad interview for a job that you want can seem to be a big setback. But the key to landing your dream job is not giving up. You can send an email or write a note to the interviewer in order to show him or her why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Let them know why you would like to contribute to the company’s future. Whether you will land the job or not with the strategy is not guaranteed. But, until you try, you will never know. So, best of luck for your next job interview!

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  1. Going on a job interview can be nerve recking because of not knowing what to expect but I believe that preparation is the key and what you have listed are the keys that are needed in order to walk with confidence into the interview room. Thanks so much for sharing a well-detailed post that has valuable information.

  2. What’s the best way to dress when going to an interview when the company dress seems to be casual. I have always had this question if I was applying for a job in a place like a fast food restaurant. Obviously, you wouldn’t need to go full business style, but what’s the line between casual yet professional? 

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