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Matters of the Heart can be mind-boggling. Marriage acts as a system of mutual support, whether emotionally, physically, or financially.

Although it might seem that love is enough for a successful relationship, there are a lot of factors that play a vital role in a healthy relationship in the long run.

Of course, marrying outside your race may seem like an adventurous journey to take on, providing you with a chance to learn more about another culture, it can be time-consuming and a process that needs a lot of patience.

Cultural differences play a vital role in the well-being of the relationship. Here are some things to be aware of before you marry outside of a race.

1 – Relationships can either boost you up or tear you up – Marrying Outside Your Race

A healthy relationship can take you to higher heights by boasting you up concerning your creative ideas, and a push in the right direction can lead to great success, however, the same relationship can tear you down with emotional burdens that can affect your career and your health, making it very important to choose a person who is right for you. If you spend most of your time adjusting to your surroundings and new habits, it leaves a little room for growth.

2 – Sleeping arrangements

Every culture has its habit patterns that could take a lot of time to get familiar with. Sleeping patterns may seem like a minor factor, but they play a major role in the efficiency of one’s life. In different cultures people tend to sleep early, some prefer to sleep on the floor with a mattress, others prefer beds.

The efficiency of a person is reduced by 20% if he or she does not get adequate sleep. As our lives are crowded with familial, professional, and other activities, many of us overlook the potential consequences, squeezing more and more into our days and nights, leaving quality rest as an afterthought.

3 – Who is responsible for the finances

Are you able to work in the new family? Finance does make a difference when it comes to a healthy marriage. It is important to keep in mind that you are going to live in an apartment near or far from your workplace or else you may have to quit your job to live in a foreign country.

If you want to live in a foreign land, your relationship will depend solely on the bonds that you share with your spouse and your in-laws, as ultimately they have to accept you as their own and make you feel comfortable that brings us to our next point-

4 – Role in-laws play living in a foreign land

Women are preferred to stay at home in many cultures while men do work. You have to ensure if the race also favors women’s independence. Marrying within your race is a family affair, but when it comes to marrying someone outside your race, things can get a little complicated, especially if you’ve met your in-laws once or twice.

For example, a non-vegetarian woman marrying into an orthodox vegetarian family would find her diet constrained. Attending family gatherings if you do not speak your partner’s native tongue can also make you feel like an outsider.

5 – Giving up being close to friends and family

Your decision to marry someone outside your race can also lead you to become distant from your friends and family. You could call and text them, of course, but it doesn’t make up for unattended graduations or parties. You may get a chance to meet new people but it takes time and mutual efforts to develop what you already have with your friends and family. Language acts as a barrier to developing relationships in a new race.

6 – Shared values

When it comes to marrying someone in your race, you are already aware of a lot of practices and values that make it easier for family members to welcome you to be part of their family or to accept their familiar traditions. You can be sure that the man you marry cares about education, financial stability, and the maintenance of religious and cultural traditions.

7- Love blooms

You may not fall madly in love, but you may be ready to live a life that is comfortable, stable, and enduring. There’s something dear to you about a love that lasts. I’ve noticed that the longer couples are married, the stronger their love and affection for each other tend to be.


You might notice that marrying someone in your race, you will find a lot similarities that can set a solid foundation, on the other hand, marrying someone outside your race can be troublesome when it comes to encountering new things that you haven’t been aware of during your dating period.

If a relationship is the first relationship both parties have had. When you don’t have anyone else to compare to, the person you’re marrying can seem like a knight in shining armor.

It is important that you take some time to reflect on all the factors mentioned above and then make your final decision. Every race has different cultures, do not go into one blindly in the name of love. If you are looking for a happy ending, find out what you are getting involved in and whether it is worth it.






4 Replies to “Marrying Outside Your Race”

  1. Very informative article and I definitely agree it is important to not rush into marriage whether mixed race or not.

    My partner and I have been together for just over 30 years and we have found communication is key.

    Those little things you thought were cute in the beginning can become very irritating over time, it is important to discuss those things before they irritate so much that you end up yelling.

    I hadn’t given much thought to additional problems that might crop in a mixed-race union.

    Although we are both from the same country, I am from the west and he is from the east.

    This creates deciding whose family to visit when. And. even within the same language there can be different dialects based on region.

    There are also religious differences to work out.

    I know mixed-race marriages can work because my Aunt (a Canadian) married a Spaniard (from Spain) and had over 50 years together.

    Thank you for this great article that points out potential problems so couples can enter marriage fully aware.

    1. Thank you for visiting my website and your comment Mr. Hanna.

      Communication is definitely a key, I also believe mutual respect and honesty plays a vital role . Being in a good relationship can catapults us to new levels, however we need to know what we are getting into and be willing to work together .

  2. Hi there! I think what attracts us to marrying outside your race is that the other person especially at the beginning is sooo beautifully different and so interesting! I have been through relationship with a man from Asia (I’m European) and it was indeed a stunning experience at the beginning. It didn’t work out as we had different goals in life back then but I wouldn’t necessary say that it was a cultural difference. Thanks for this article though!

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