Master your mind, design your destiny – ‘YOU’

We are visual beings; everything starts with a single thought. We are all creators, so please master your mind and design your destiny. It is such an essential part of our body; we must do everything we can to keep it safe. It is irreplaceable, and we should treasure it. Our mind defines who we are and what we stand for; it controls every part of our body. I am genuinely grateful for my mind.

Here is a list of 6 things we can do daily to protect our mind


1. Trust God; there is nothing too big for him to handle. The bible should be our guide, a great book with a wealth of knowledge to help us in our every day lives. There is no need to stress on issues we have no control over. The bible is equipped with every thing we need to know.

2. Positive thinking, it is easy to get carried away with all the negative things that happen now. Sometimes we need to concentrate on the positive things and leave the negative ones. When we think positive, we feel better, and we accomplish more. Do not be swayed by News, social media, and other’s opinion of you. You are blessed with a mind, think positive, and enjoy every moment of the day.

3. Setting goals- If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are necessary to set direction. Like a boat, set your sail and head towards your goal. Do not leave life to chance or circumstances. Plan and work towards achieving your goals.

4. Be grateful we have a lot to be thankful for daily. Gratitude is a must; when we are grateful for the little things, the blessings will continue to flow. The things we take for granted may mean so much to someone else. Things you should be grateful for life, family, for health, being able to use our senses, and the list goes on.

5. Diet plays a huge role in mental health, remember the saying you are what you eat. Nutrition plays a vital role in boosting our immune system; a healthy body is a healthy mind. Avoids food that will slow you down, there is a wide variety out there, choose wisely.

6. Exercise and Nature- Something simple like movement and sunshine can have a positive effect on our brains. Do not stay cooped up inside all day, go out there and enjoy the ambiance. Start your day with a bang; forget your worries. Everything should be balanced, exercise and the atmosphere contributes to a productive day and a good night’s rest. Sometimes we need to get out there and exhale, releasing the negating and take in all the positive.


The brain is a vital part of our body, and we should do everything in our power to keep it safe. The way we think, the food we eat, our faith exercise and sunshine can all determine what tomorrow brings. Be bold and protect your mind.

Take a bold step of faith, invest in yourself.

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  1. Wow,this is the type of post that I always like reading where I can get inspired by the words that you have written. This one really is nice and I hope to be able to read more nice posts like that. I now understand the reasons why our minds should be protected and how to do that effectively all thanks to this wonderful post you wrote. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hey, A well-written article. I can see from your side there are 6 great ways, I am not too sure about god lol, but the other 5 I absolutely agree with.

    Positive thinking goes a long way and the power of the brain is often way underestimated, I am glad to read this and I am sure many will find enjoyment in this article, and will be beneficial for them to read.

  3. I really like the positive vibes of your site. Another great article Master your mind, design your destiny – ‘YOU’.
    Our thoughts are a very powerful tool that many people are not aware of. What we think about, we attract, we perceive the world around us with our thoughts and create our reality, and with our thoughts we emit vibrations that affect us, the entire human community, and our planet.
    It is therefore very important that we consciously train ourselves in positive thinking, that we are grateful for all that is, that we live healthily, and trust in the spiritual universe that makes everything in our lives unfold for our highest good.
    Thanks for this wonderful words.
    Friendly greeting,

  4. Hello Diana, your article is short, sweet and to the point. I felt lifted up after having read it. Thank you. 

    I agree with everything you say in the article. The mind is our most powerful tool to shape the world around us. If we want that tool to be effective we must treat our body and mind with respect. Everything we consume gets stored in our body and mind. Everything! This doesn’t only apply to food and thoughts; also the relationships we have, the places we spend our time, the movies and music we watch, the books we read. 

    I’m highly selective about where I place my attention. That helps me focus on what I can control rather than on what I can’t, which is stressful and drains energy.

    All the best,


  5. The ancient Spartans said “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” We, humans, are all spiritual beings. We need to exercise both our body and our mind. Positive thinking, setting goals, believing in God, having dreams, achieving, learning, growing emotionally, and more. All this to be achieved in the fullest require a healthy body. Your post was great.     

  6. Our thoughts have tremendous power, so it is very important to take care of a healthy mind. I agree with everything you wrote. We need to nurture our spirituality because we are spiritual beings at our deepest essence. Positive thinking and gratitude are important because we are attracting the positive into our lives. A healthy diet, exercise, and spending as much time in nature as possible have a great effect on our overall well-being.
    You have very well summed up the factors with which we master our mind, create, and are responsible for our life and destiny.
    I wish you all the best

  7. These are some good tips that anyone can use to practice mindfulness and ease stress. As not everyone follows the Christian faith, the first point can be adapted to a great number of belief systems to suite each individual who might be reading this post. Many of these things we forget to do during our busy, daily lives, and they’re quite important for mental and physical health. Overall, great list and great reminder.

  8. Hi Diana. Thank you for very interesting article. To often we are focusing only on our body, forgetting about health of our mind. Good diet, meditation, exercises we all need it to keep proper balance and to be ready to face all challenges and stresses of our day to day life. Especially now, on new pandemic world its especially important to care about ourselves and think positively.

  9. Hi Diana

    Love the article! A person must take your mind. If you do not take care of your mind, you lose control over your life. I love the points you mentioned to gain control over your mind and life. They are all true and must be followed. If one step is not done, you will lose control in that criteria. 

  10. Some great tips are mentioned here, especially when it comes to following the bible and trusting God. The bible has many valuable principles in it that are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago.

    I also like the one about practising gratitude, as we should all be thankful for what we have, as many have less than we do. 

    I would love to find an easy way to filter all the negative thoughts out though, any ideas?

    1. I do not think there is an easy way to filter out all the negative thoughts, however with practise the steps outlined gets easier. Trusting god and everything gets easier with time.

  11. It’s the kind of post I always like to read, I can be inspired by the words you wrote. It’s deep and I hope I can read more beautiful posts like this. It is clear that our minds should be protected and how to do this correctly.
    5 minutes of going out in nature changes our mood for the better.
    Scoring daily goals should be a common practice.
    Exercise, exercise, proper nutrition and meditation are invaluable.
    I run 5 minutes a day and it’s wonderful.

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