Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success


Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success, Read How…

It is essential to develop an attitude of gratitude. When Cain and Abel gave their offering to the Lord, Abel’s sacrifice was accepted while Cain’s was rejected. Cain was outraged, but instead of asking himself why his sacrifice was rejected, he killed his brother Abel. His sacrifice was rejected because he was not grateful enough to give his best. Eventually, his attitude caused anger, a murderous spirit, and a lifelong curse.” Continue reading “Our Attitude Determines Failure Or Success”

Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Know Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety:

We all have been in one of those gloomy days when everything seems to frustrate for no reason at all. According to the Global Stress Organization report, 75% of people in the U.S. suffer from moderate to high stress daily, which makes it very important to consider healthy tips to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. Continue reading “Simple Tips To Reduce Stress And Anxiety”

Are you blocking your blessings?

Are you blocking your blessings?


Countless times we have found ourselves questioning the level of blessings in our lives. At the back of our minds, we comfort ourselves in the thought of “I have done everything by the books. Why am I not being blessed?” Not realizing that there is more to the blessing than just doing the right thing. More to it than just what we see with our naked eyes. After all, it is the spirit that informs the natural.


Continue reading “Are you blocking your blessings?”

Personal Growth and What It Entails?

Learn About Personal Growth and What It Entails?

Personal growth

There are times in life you may feel like you are unwanted or unloved? Well, I have personally had this feeling one time too many. It is not a good feeling, and we all have had such an experience one time or another. Things will happen; what is essential is how you deal with situations. How do I overcome these feelings whenever they want to spoil my day? Continue reading “Personal Growth and What It Entails?”

Are men missing the corona point?


Are men missing the corona point… Know the details…

When Covid-19 hit the globe, most people, especially men, did not take it seriously enough to keep the virus under control. No washing of hands, wearing masks, or even social distancing. I guess we are learning from our mistakes. No wonder they accounted for 58% of Corona deaths world-wide. As the virus unfolds, we continue to adapt because we must live with this thing, creating a new normal. Continue reading “Are men missing the corona point?”