Brian Tracy’s Training

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The journey of personal transformation starts with the realization that it is challenging to walk successfully on the uncharted frontiers of life without having a source of inspiration. Having an experience is one thing, living your life to the fullest is another. Sometimes we cannot understand the what’s’ and the how’s’ of making life successful. The guidance we get from life’s “guru” essentially keeps us going.

One such “guru” is Brian Tracy; he transforms my life. Whether you decide to follow him on YouTube, ready one of his books, or take one of his courses, you will not regret it. His programs will give you a vote of confidence, boasting you from one level to another. If you lack confidence but have a little desire to be a better person, it is certainly possible if you believe. His programs will give you that thirst to go after your dreams. No matter what’s your profession, he will transform you.

Brian Tracy’s program can change individuals from one level to another. Knowledge is something no one can take away from you. No one can erase what you have learned, invest in yourself and your future. Learn something new today.

Some benefits from his programs;

A higher level of personal awareness – Everything you require is inside of you, sometimes we just need to be reassured

Stop being a constant procrastinator – No time will ever be perfect, just do it now.

Being more organized with work – Simple things like a to-do list can go a long way.

Completing tasks – If you start something finish then move on to something else

Time management- It is very easy to get distracted in this busy world. Time management is crucial if you want to stay on track.

Transforming from liability status to being an asset – Making you more valuable

The key to success is to take action! Check out Brian Tracy and what he has to offer you. Do not be a couch potato; invest in yourself check out his programs. Stop worrying about why it has not happened for you. Do not go around in circles expecting a different result. Try something new; there is nothing wrong with investing in yourself. We do so much for others. Let us take care of our selves. Do something different today, anticipating a difference. Get a Role model like Brain Tracy and be the best you possible.

Here is a shortcut to success, learn from the mistakes of others. You are reaching a higher level from the inspiration and guidance of those who have gone before us. Those who have tried and tested life techniques can help us become better and achieve our best. Remember You Only Live Once. Live well. Do not be left behind; take action today!

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Vote for technology – Growth

Today technology is no longer wanted; it is an actual NEEDED. Like food, clothing, and shelter, it is detrimental to anyone not having the technological know-how to run their day to day activities. In the past, some parts of the world was reserved for the chosen few; the elite. It is now a do or die affair. A scramble for space in the technological niche will make or break an individual.

The smartphone, Wow! This invention took the world by storm. It consolidated different parts of daily life into one. We no longer have wall clocks, watches, newspapers, books, calendars, radio, calculators, and letters sending via post box; all these are in one gadget. With a smartphone, you can now work from home, attend meetings, learn languages, and manage tasks. Traveling is easy using transport and logistics apps to book for flights and taxi services via our phones. Lifestyle apps that offer recipes, movies, hair care, farming tips, and interior design, not to mention online shopping and e-commerce, are also available on the smartphone. A smartphone is a go-to gadget that makes life easy and trendy.

When I saw my first computer, I was elated. Today I know, the speed at which it was operating was discouraging. Fast-forward NOW, computers are increasingly smaller and faster hence portable and, most importantly, personal. The advantage is, you can now work virtually everywhere with or without fiber optic cables; as long as you have a mobile service provider, you can access all you need by hot-spotting or tethering your laptop to your smartphone. Almost every school now has computer classes, with at least one member of the student’s immediate or extended family, own a computer.

In today’s world, most computers have taken the shape of tablets, which are small enough to fit in hand but large enough to present text in a decent size. They also do not require a keyboard or a mouse for operation. Not only are they much cheaper than laptops and PCs, but they are also very efficient. Tablet apps use touch screen effects and deliver an experience that can otherwise not be available on a computer. The choice of tablets in 2020 depends on the operating system, either Android or IOS, and the buyer budget. One assurance I can give is whatever budget you have; rest assured will be sorted.

It wouldn’t be worth mentioning technological evolution without saying social media. Instagram, Facebook, Snapshot, and Tik tok are all anchored on smart gadgets. The quality of videos and pictures are rooted in the megapixels, filters, and editing tools available. It is a symbiotic relationship for all smart devices in that while you can do all you possibly can with a smartphone or tablet, you cannot do it all. You will require either a desktop computer or laptop to put in the finer details, even with the presence of photo or video editing filters.

How about the evolution of video conferencing, with applications like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft team for video and audio calls? School records, religious activities, organizational meetings, medical conferences are now running on a virtual platform. While there are critics that technology is harmful, I dare say it is doing more good than harm in this day and age. There are endless possibilities to explore when it comes to technology today and beyond; however much you can resist it, you cannot resist an idea whose time has come. Do not be left behind, join the technology bandwagon, and vote for technology.

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Are men missing the corona point?

When Covid-19 hit the globe, most people, especially men, did not take it seriously enough to keep the virus under control. No washing of hands, wearing masks, or even social distancing. I guess we are learning from our mistakes. No wonder they accounted for 58% of Corona deaths world-wide. As the virus unfolds, we continue to adapt because we must live with this thing, creating a new normal.

As I continue to adapt, it plagues my mind how some people behave. While some of us are paranoid and being overly cautious, others are living carefree lives. It hurts when seeing some sacrificing so much while others do not care, and some come up with a million reasons for the virus being a hoax. Their relaxed behavior puts all of us at risk.

Even knowing that it’s a contact spread virus, this seems to be at the back of some men’s minds when they are socializing. They forget about six feet apart and personal space. They still want to have their cake and eat it. Curfew restrictions mean there is limited time to engage in “illicit” affairs; hence, my question is whether men are cheating more or less during COVID-19? Second question; if they are, are they take the necessary precautions to control this virus?

Sometimes we need to stop playing games and be serious. Let us look at the number of deaths. Isn’t that enough reason to be calm until we find a vaccine? Let’s forget how we did things and move with time for a better tomorrow. Our decisions today will determine the number of lives spared. While men are trying to find ways to cope with the virus’s invasion, wildlife seems to be thriving.

Several people have lost jobs, and some are experiencing pay cuts. For unemployed people with a mortgage, bills, and children, life just got harder. I am left to wonder; what sacrifices will be made to pay those bills or to care for their children? Will it cause divisions, abuse, and all the negative ills? Or will they see this pandemic as an opportunity to grow themselves, propelling themselves to financial independence? Your life matters invest in yourself.

The law of demand and supply dictate that in a market when the supply is surplus and the demand low, the price ceiling is low. Therefore, many opportunistic men take advantage of the fact that many ladies are “needy” and opportunities to explore other avenues are minimal. While the situation on the ground dictates that it could only be a transaction, psychology dictates ladies tend to cling to men after they have been intimate.

I think it is time men take a back seat and think of the impact of their decisions. What will happen if they bring the disease home to their loved ones? Other than Corona, are they exposing their spouses and family at large to other diseases due to multiple partners? If they were to be empathetic, I would love for them to put their desires aside and focus not on their rendezvous’ but their families.

If your life matters be prepared to beat this virus. 

Appreciate me while i am alive/ If tomorrow never comes

Appreciate me while I am still alive! Yes, I said it. I will not be ashamed nor mince my words when saying this. Life is a gift; many times, we take it for granted. We do not appreciate those we claim to love only to have a rude awakening when they suddenly depart from our lives. We are then left with no choice than to live with the “could have” and “I should have” thoughts of guilt.

The Coronavirus is teaching me not to take time and people for granted. We have been previously living a carefree and procrastinating life, where everything is pushed to the next day. Not prioritizing, putting value in material things rather than investing in people. Our most valuable gifts are free of charge. The reset button has been pushed; the awakening is here. We are now learning to unlearn what we know and re-learn what is necessary to leave with this virus. I am unlearning and re-learning; now, it is my time to share a few things with you.

I have learnt tomorrow may never come. Not to be negative, but it is in black and white, things can change in a split of a second. Bearing this in mind, I am doing as much as I can today, ensuring that I can look back and smile at my achievements at the end of the day.

Love makes the world go round. I dare say: you love me now or do not love me at all. Do not wait until I am gone. Why wait until my burial day to buy me flowers? Why wait for the anniversary of my death to celebrate the life I had? No, this will not make sense to me then. I will not be there to look into your eyes and find the truth in your words. Nor will I be there to feel the butterflies in my stomach as you express your comments to me now.

Kindly do it now! Write me a poem and read it aloud. That song that makes you think of me every time it plays serenade me with it now. I deserve to go out on that date while I can still savor the food. Why make the same food for my visitors on my day of rest? The eulogy that you so passionately and emotionally read about me, keep it. If you cannot say those words to me now, then do not tell them to me then. Not to be ungrateful of your presence at my wake but give me my dues while I can still enjoy them; there is no second chance.

If you feel our relationship is strained, face me; let us work on it together, so we enjoy what we salvage. If we cannot work it out at any point, let us amicably part ways without bitterness or malice.

Death is the culmination of life; it will come at times unannounced or even gradual. Nevertheless, I ask you when I am gone, smile, and laugh. Reminisce on the good times we had and the memories we created while we still had the opportunity. Do not cry; instead, celebrate me knowing you, and I exhausted our time; expressed our love for each other and have no pending issues.

Are children obligated to take full responsibility of their parents

Phew! The complexity of this topic is like holding a butterfly with your hands placed on your back. If you ask someone if the butterfly is alive or dead and they say alive, you can squeeze it to death. If they say it is gone, you can release it and let it fly.

It is a parents’ responsibility to take care of their children in an ideal situation. However, the question arises, up to what age? Is letting the child grow and ushering them into adulthood considered cruelty? Let us learn from an eagle. When the eaglets come of age, they are pushed out of the nest. Not out of lack of love but to propel the young one to independence.

The core obligations of children are to respect and care for their aging parents. The divide as to how far is too far in supporting your parents depends on personal attachment, moral responsibility, and conscience. I am the type that would do whatever is necessary to see my parents comfortable by providing the bare minimum of food, shelter, and medical care. Once in a while, I will throw in a vacation. Bearing this in mind, they had their life plans before they had me. I consider myself part of the plan but not their ultimate goal of life. In this regard, some opportunities will arise where I keep off their business,’ and there are others where I will come in. I enjoy giving legal counsel, identifying the best doctors for them, helping them with their smartphones and computers, driving them on long drives, or facilitating them. Why do I do so? Because mine is to make their last days on earth comfortable and less stressful. We, the youngsters, must extend the same level of kindness we would want to be extended to our parents. Gone are the days when we squander our money with friends as our parents languish in lack and poverty at home. Selflessness does not have to be financial or material based. Let us show appreciation by spending time with them and create unforgettable memories.

On the other hand, parents need to be grateful, not for material things but because their children succeed and have a decent society position. I have witnessed parents who demand so much of their children to a point where they feel inadequate. Young women and men alike end up engaging in illicit sex, crime, and drug abuse to satisfy their parents’ demands to the detriment of their future. They live in bitterness as they hustle to ensure they maintain a societal standard that the parents expect to brag on their children’s successes. It is essential to realize there is no better gift a parent can give his children than positive exposure and paint a bright future. Some parents fail to fulfill their purpose in life and desperately try to live through their children’s lives. Forcing them to buy them the car or house they never had. Society needs to realize miserable parents can make unhappy children. As parents receive the respect, they deserve in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “All that I am and all that I will ever be, I owe to my mother.” Would your children say this about you as a parent?

We all suffer – No one is immune

Life is not a bed of roses. Despite how unique we all seem on earth, we share many things in common as far as age, gender, struggles, histories, and life experiences. The wealthy, middle class, and poor suffer. The wise and fool also suffer. Nobody is immune from suffering. Some religions testify that we are no different and that we are love. Somewhere down in our souls, we must know, we as a whole have a strong relationship with the incomparable source of love, the creator.

Trials might take different forms; the gathering of views and feelings of weakness, low self-esteem, lack of satisfaction, shame, and acceptance is inherently mutual. There are some area differences; cultural inconsistencies that set us apart. A negative approach compounds a challenging situation.

There is some level of agreement between nature’s purpose and that of individuals. As difficult as our life is on earth, we can remain alive or even flourish. To thrive, we need to adapt and be resourceful. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Think about the number of times nature’s purpose and that of humans clash, as demonstrated by all manner of nuisances, illnesses, and natural disasters. No one is immune. We all suffer.

Pain pops from various stages during our life. Suffering is the generalized trauma that engages us all uniquely. While some may appear to suffer more than others, much pain is comparative. It is not as if there are massive gaps of experience concerning suffering if we limit our view to a specific culture.

Pain and suffering are part of the human experience. However, our encounters with pain and suffering may be slightly different. Discomfort and suffering are holy, and these experiences are to be valued. The process we go through during pain and suffering can elevate individuals. No life is an ideal life, yet no life is horrible.

Your response determines the degree to which you suffer. Pain can be a door to inner awakening and enlightenment. Do not allow life challenges to deprive your most significant accomplishment. You are not alone!

Why should you join Wealthy Affiliate- Invest in your future

Suppose you have been exhausting yourself surfing the internet without any earnings. In that case, it’s high time to think of joining wealthy affiliates to augment your income. Wealthy affiliates involve amazing training products and a community for ambitious internet entrepreneurs, including those ready to build a website on their own. Various individuals, both students, and graduates have become successful by joining wealthy affiliate. Becoming a member helps people invest time and resources, enabling the diversification of income sources and acquire knowledge. Get paid to do something you love, be your own boss, join Wealthy Affiliate

What are the Wealthy Affiliate Advantages?

There are several advantages of joining Wealthy Affiliate, but I have given a few reasons why you should not miss such a lucrative opportunity:

Impressive Website Builder
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A Variety of Business Tools

Wealthy Affiliate tends to possess everything you need for a successful online career. The variety of tools available on these platforms’ can is free, or premium members pay a low monthly cost. Wealthy Affiliate helps you get the required feedback and support for the success of your site. These tools offered on this platform monitor and track your affiliate links.

Higher Frequent Commissions from Affiliate Programs

One of the ways of creating a source of passive income is by joining wealthy affiliates. Joining affiliate programs helps in teaching you marketing techniques regarding building a business on affiliate links. Recurrent commissions can be earned from their affiliate program, especially for the premium members. These can be acquired by referring to other members such as friends, relatives, and workmates, to join.

Efficient Web Hosting Services

The Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting services consist of both no extra cost membership options and advanced technology. It ensures that you enjoy the most optimized hosting services for various sites like WordPress. Among their hosting services include SSL Certificates, automatic daily updates, among other features.

Live Training Webinars Weekly

One of the incredible services you enjoy after joining wealth affiliates is a weekly training webinar. These involve various training courses that take at least one hour per webinar on multiple topics. It engages you in discussions on various issues on the current trends regarding global online businesses. You also get an opportunity to meeting new coaches that can help in mentoring you in the new online business opportunities and operations.

In conclusion, if you have been looking for lucrative income sources to complement on your incomes, joining wealthy affiliates is the best option for you. There are several benefits associated with joining such platforms alongside adding to your income. All these can help in changing your lifestyles by earning more new exciting business and broadening your network.

Take that step of faith, become a member of Wealth Affiliate

Master your mind, design your destiny – ‘YOU’

We are visual beings; everything starts with a single thought. We are all creators, so please master your mind and design your destiny. It is such an essential part of our body; we must do everything we can to keep it safe. It is irreplaceable, and we should treasure it. Our mind defines who we are and what we stand for; it controls every part of our body. I am genuinely grateful for my mind.

Here is a list of 6 things we can do daily to protect our mind

1. Trust God; there is nothing too big for him to handle. The bible should be our guide, a great book with a wealth of knowledge to help us in our every day lives. There is no need to stress on issues we have no control over. The bible is equipped with every thing we need to know.

2. Positive thinking, it is easy to get carried away with all the negative things that happen now. Sometimes we need to concentrate on the positive things and leave the negative ones. When we think positive, we feel better, and we accomplish more. Do not be swayed by News, social media, and other’s opinion of you. You are blessed with a mind, think positive, and enjoy every moment of the day.

3. Setting goals- If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are necessary to set direction. Like a boat, set your sail and head towards your goal. Do not leave life to chance or circumstances. Plan and work towards achieving your goals.

4. Be grateful we have a lot to be thankful for daily. Gratitude is a must; when we are grateful for the little things, the blessings will continue to flow. The things we take for granted may mean so much to someone else. Things you should be grateful for life, family, for health, being able to use our senses, and the list goes on.

5. Diet plays a huge role in mental health, remember the saying you are what you eat. Nutrition plays a vital role in boosting our immune system; a healthy body is a healthy mind. Avoids food that will slow you down, there is a wide variety out there, choose wisely.

6. Exercise and Nature- Something simple like movement and sunshine can have a positive effect on our brains. Do not stay cooped up inside all day, go out there and enjoy the ambiance. Start your day with a bang; forget your worries. Everything should be balanced, exercise and the atmosphere contributes to a productive day and a good night’s rest. Sometimes we need to get out there and exhale, releasing the negating and take in all the positive.


The brain is a vital part of our body, and we should do everything in our power to keep it safe. The way we think, the food we eat, our faith exercise and sunshine can all determine what tomorrow brings. Be bold and protect your mind.

Take a bold step of faith, invest in yourself.

Tell me what you think, please leave a comment below.

The high and low tide – Life


The high and low tide – Life

We all go through periods of trials and difficulty; such is life. The way we handle it determine whether we swim or drown. As life unfolds we may experience, poor grades, wealth, heartbreak, graduation, preference, prejudice, favor, unemployment, divorce, marriage, illness, good health, wealth, poverty, victimization and the list goes on. Our periods of high and low tides or periods we smile or cry. None of us are immune to the drama that comes with life. My worse thus far is COVID-19, this is truly a low tide. A period where I have absolutely no control over what was happening. Hopeful in the near future I will be saying Wealthy Affiliate is high tide.

Stay focus

I keep telling myself, there is something good in every situation. Practice makes perfect, the more individual practices, the easier a task becomes. I am following protocol to beat COVID-19. One should stay focus, and no matter how difficult it is. Remember a baby learning to walk, if the child stays down, he may never experience the benefits of being able to walk, hop, or run. I believe corona is just another low tide. Like all the rest pretty soon, we will have control over this and any other thing that is affecting us. I am looking forward to high tides and leaving the low tide behind.

U are not alone

Everyone alive will experience many awkward situations and several good ones. That is part of life’s journey; to be successful after every  fall, an individual should get up. Getting up is easier said than done, but we need to keep moving. The fall is worse when it happens in public. Most times instead of staying focus we concentrate on the humiliation. We all go through different periods, none of us are immune to it. Life is like a show, and every good show requires an audience. Why not show the world what you can beat this pandemic or whatever difficulty you are facing right now.


Time waits for no man, created in an energy field where everything is always changing and transforming. Terms like revolution, evolution, and technology are all used to describe the constant change. To be successful, we cannot be stagnant; we need to grow just like the plants. Appreciate the high and low tides, they are part of life’s journey. Embrace every moment as it comes. Do the best you can with the things you have. It is not easy; however, it is more destructive not to try. Mistakes are life lessons, and they mold us to be the best that we can be. Ride your tide.

At birth, a child is fearless and ready to take on the world. Created wonderfully, not knowing fear, one naturally learns survival instinct. We acquire knowledge, being exposed to a wealth of information. Information that can make us swim or drown.


The reality is, it is what it is, none of us are invincible. We all get hit by waves, the choice to swim or drown is yours. Live life to the fullest, the race is for those who can endure.

About Me


My name is Philina, from the tropical island of St. Lucia. It is a pleasure to have you on my website. Come! Let me take you on a little trip about my life.

A little about me and where I am from

Helen of the West Indies, St Lucia, is a real gem. It is the essence of romance and beauty with iconic landmarks and beaches. The twin peaks Gros Piton and Petit Piton dominate the rainforest scenery. Join us for our traditional yearly festivals La Woz ” The Rose” and La Magwit “The Marguerite” and carnival.

Our food culture is a mixture of Creole, West Indian, and French influences. Our rich volcanic soils support fresh produce of vegetables, herbs, and spices. One thing for sure, our food is flavor-packed!

My goal

I aspire to motivate and inspire people. Throughout my life, I want to encourage people. At the end of my life, I want to leave an enviable legacy. One that encourages people to go after their goals and dreams. I have a strong desire to motivate others to be better, aim for more, live a more fulfilled life full of joy, and appreciate their achievements no matter how small, then I will feel successful. No man is an island, but we can accomplish our goals with the necessary help and support. I urge you to remember; by failing to fulfill your purpose, you are not only doing a disservice to yourself but many others. Let us inspire one another!

Reach out

Feel free to guide me on this new journey. Lets us inspire each other.