We all suffer – No one is immune

We all suffer – No one is immune. How? Read it.


Life is not a bed of roses. Despite how unique we all seem on earth, we share many things in common as far as age, gender, struggles, histories, and life experiences. The wealthy, middle class, and poor suffer. The wise and fool also suffer. Nobody is immune from suffering. Some religions testify that we are no different and that we are love. Somewhere down in our souls, we must know, we as a whole have a strong relationship with the incomparable source of love, the creator. Continue reading “We all suffer – No one is immune”

Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate- Invest In Your Future

Why should you join Wealthy Affiliate? Know why

Wealthy Affiliate

Suppose you have been exhausting yourself surfing the internet without any earnings. In that case, it’s high time to think of joining wealthy affiliates to augment your income. Wealthy affiliates involve amazing training products and a community for ambitious internet entrepreneurs, including those ready to build a website on their own. Various individuals, both students, and graduates have become successful by joining wealthy affiliate. Becoming a member helps people invest time and resources, enabling the diversification of income sources and acquire knowledge. Get paid to do something you love, be your own boss, join Wealthy Affiliate Continue reading “Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate- Invest In Your Future”

Master your mind, design your destiny – ‘YOU’


We are visual beings; everything starts with a single thought. We are all creators, so please master your mind and design your destiny. It is such an essential part of our body; we must do everything we can to keep it safe. It is irreplaceable, and we should treasure it. Our mind defines who we are and what we stand for; it controls every part of our body. I am genuinely grateful for my mind. Continue reading “Master your mind, design your destiny – ‘YOU’”

The high and low tide – Life

The high and low tide – Life:


The high and low tide – Life

We all go through periods of trials and difficulty; such is life. The way we handle it determine whether we swim or drown. As life unfolds we may experience, poor grades, wealth, heartbreak, graduation, preference, prejudice, favor, unemployment, divorce, marriage, illness, good health, wealth, poverty, victimization and the list goes on. Continue reading “The high and low tide – Life”