There are times in life you may feel like you are unwanted or unloved? Well, I have personally had this feeling one time too many. It is not a good feeling, and we all have had such an experience one time or another. Things will happen; what is essential is how you deal with situations. How do I overcome these feelings whenever they want to spoil my day?

Understanding yourself is the beginning of life wisdom. Many are times when we succumb to these feelings because of not understanding yourself and not knowing your self-worth. When you know who you are and your self-worth, nothing and no one can bring you down. How do you understand your self-worth? One of the simple ways I do is to take personal time and grow yourself. When you take time with yourself, you get to understand who you are and your uniqueness. Self-knowledge includes what you say about yourself. Challenge your inner voice. Always say good things about yourself as many times as you can. You have the power to change and influence the events and circumstances of your life with the words you speak. Once you do, you have great self-esteem and self-confidence. You can stand out in the crowd.

Another way to grow your self-worth is to surround yourself with positive people. The saying is, iron sharpens iron, so if you are not hanging out with iron, then you should question yourself. Precisely how do you identify the right crowd to socialize? It would be best if you hung out with people who do not always see the dark side of life but rather, those that find one reason why an idea must work. The type that learns from the past but does not live in it. They live in the present but don’t accommodate it. Chose your friends wisely; they can influence your future.

If you hang out with a crowd that always sees the dark side of life and the difficulty in every project, you are in big trouble. More so, if they are the type that never takes risks and are secure in their comfort zone, you should run. Such people will infect you with their negativity, and sooner than you know it, you will join the army of failures.

Most importantly, celebrate your achievements. It will not only help us appreciate ourselves but also provide fuel and morale to achieve more. If there is no one to celebrate you, by all means, look at yourself in the mirror and part your own back. Be it making your bed, doing the dishes, graduating from that online course, or even sealing a lucrative deal; celebrate. Once you learn to celebrate your achievements, you will realize your confidence level also grows. You end up doing more and achieving more in the long run.

As you embark on the journey of personal growth, begin with these simple tips and let me know in the comment section how it goes for you.


  1. Identifying the fact that we all have a role to play and we all should focus more of who we are and who we are shaping to be will definitely help us to trust the process and appreciate that tthere is still more to be than what we are actually experiencing in the process. Yo achieve the best, there is need to go through some other things that might dip us before we rise back. It is always a process

  2. It is always good that one works one self-discipline and self Discovery, it’ll help in a lot of ways to bring together your mind and it’s focus. Personal growth is good, it’ll make you have confidence in yourself, build your mind and visy ro bw strong enough for any situation, and it’ll also widen tour knowledge of what self esteem is.

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