Reducing Your Viral Load (Cocid-19)

washing hands with soap and water

Viral load refers to the measure of virus in your body. People with a high viral load can spread the disease easier than those with a lower viral load. An infected person should reduce their viral load to avoid spreading the disease. Someone who is not infected should avoid getting the disease by following protocols, practicing good hygiene.


Despite the science, some people remain skeptical. They say, The mark of the beast, the virus is a hoax, the new world order, depopulation, and the list goes on.


Should the authorities force people to take the vaccine? that is a difficult question. I believe in free will. Those who refuse the vaccine should respect those who have taken it. If you refuse to wear a mask, you should not enter stores requesting the use of a mask. People should respect each other’s opinions.


This world is divided by: race, social status, the haves, the haves not, and religion. Now there is further division due to the virus. People do not like taking orders. Now we are asked to follow protocols to keep the virus under control.

Viral load is the level of viruses in an infected person. Reducing your viral load prevents an infected person from getting worse and keeps someone who is not infected safe. Below are ways you can reduce your viral-load

1- Keeping your hands clean. Washing hands periodically with soap and water. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Avoid handshakes and sanitize when it is not possible to wash your hands.

2- Eating super foods. We must eat the right for a healthy gut. A healthy stomach leads to a healthy immune system. That puts our bodies in a position to fight any disease. Eight super foods that will help fight the virus are lemons, ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, honey, and cayenne pepper.

3- Practicing good oral and dental hygiene. Now is not the time to be lazy or nasty. Brush teeth, gargle, clean nose, and ears. The covid-19 virus enters your body through the mucous membranes. The eyes, nose, and mouth and travels to your throat and lungs. We need to avoid touching our eyes, digging our noses.

4- Steam inhalation- Steam inhalation clears the nasal passage, relieves and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Viruses exposed to heat for a while will die.

5- Boosting your immune system – The body’s immune system help fight bacteria and viruses that may enter the body. Adequate sleep, exercise, proper diet, keeping stress level down, staying hydrated all contribute to boosting or immune system.

6- Wearing appropriate PPE – The virus is not posted on anybody’s face. If you are out in public, use a face mask. For health reasons, if you can’t use the face mask, use the face shield.

7- Social distancing -Whenever it is possible maintain social distancing. Six feet away from a person not residing in the same house.

8- Avoid gatherings. Use your cell phone or social media to stay connected with your friends and family. The larger the crowd, the higher the chances of the virus spreading.

9- Avoiding sharing- Now is not the right time to allow someone to have a bite from your burger. If you have been selfish in the past, it is okay. If you have always loved sharing your lunch with colleagues, break the habit until we get the virus under control.

10- Cleaning surfaces regularly – The virus can stay on surfaces for days or even weeks. Sanitize and disinfect surfaces to kill possible viruses that may be there. Household cleaning solution containing soap, Lysol, Beep, and bleach will help kill bacteria and viruses.

Vaccination is a method of getting this virus under control fast. However, if you do not want to be vaccinated, the information above will offer you some protection.

Stay safe, get your PPE supplies

10 Replies to “Reducing Your Viral Load (Cocid-19)”

  1. Firstly, thank you for writing such an interesting article.  I couldn’t agree more about reducing the risk of contamination.  I believe that a lot of the rules had to be enforced by a governing body.  I can’t help but feel that in this time of crises a lot of things should just be done by using common sense. 

    1. What we see as common sense may be foreign language to someone else. I hope this does not continue to get out of control

  2. All these steps are important to ensure low level spread of the virus. We are in a new era and people must accept that. If not, then they will see the consequences soon. I do miss big gatherings and parties, but ever since the pandemic started I stopped and to be honest became scared for big crowds. As people tend to lie and thus to be safe it is best to eliminate the problem till a other solution is found. Thank you for informing everyone the importance of these steps.

  3. Concerning the topic about vaccines, and should the government force people to get it, I agree with you that every body should have free will. I understand why people don’t want to get the vaccine. Those behind vaccines in general have proven to not have public health as their top priority. And I also understand the fear of those that get vaccinated, that the virus may mutate in the population that don’t take the vaccine and then the vaccine becomes ineffective.

  4. I agree with you that most people dislike being told what to do. I make it a point to follow your recommendations, such as getting enough sleep, exercising, reducing stress, and so on, in order to strengthen my immune system. Vaccination, as you stated, is a technique of quickly bringing this infection under control. My only concern is how we can persuade individuals who do not want to be vaccinated that vaccination is the only route out of this worldwide catastrophe.

    1. Education, the authorities should educate the public. People do not like being forced, however they will listen to reason.

  5. To be honest, I will admit to seeing Civid as a largely survivable virus, with relatively few fatalities, especially in comparison to other viral infecrions. With that said, I do appreciate the information on steps we can take to mitigate the spread to others. It’s largely survivable, but still not fun.

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