The high and low tide – Life

The high and low tide – Life:


The high and low tide – Life

We all go through periods of trials and difficulty; such is life. The way we handle it determine whether we swim or drown. As life unfolds we may experience, poor grades, wealth, heartbreak, graduation, preference, prejudice, favor, unemployment, divorce, marriage, illness, good health, wealth, poverty, victimization and the list goes on. Our periods of high and low tides or periods we smile or cry. None of us are immune to the drama that comes with life. My worse thus far is COVID-19, this is truly a low tide. A period where I have absolutely no control over what was happening. Hopeful in the near future I will be saying Wealthy Affiliate is high tide.

Stay focus

I keep telling myself, there is something good in every situation. Practice makes perfect, the more individual practices, the easier a task becomes. I am following protocol to beat COVID-19. One should stay focus, and no matter how difficult it is.

Remember a baby learning to walk, if the child stays down, he may never experience the benefits of being able to walk, hop, or run.  A baby will fall several times before he or she is able to walk or run. I believe corona is just another low tide.

Like all the rest pretty soon, we will have control over this and any other thing that is affecting us. I am looking forward to high tides and leaving the low tide behind.

U are not alone

Everyone alive will experience many awkward situations and several good ones. That is part of life’s journey; to be successful after every  fall, an individual should get up. Getting up is easier said than done, but we need to keep moving.

The fall is worse when it happens in public. Most times instead of staying focus we concentrate on the humiliation. We all go through different periods, none of us are immune to it. Life is like a show, and every good show requires an audience. Why not show the world what you can beat this pandemic or whatever difficulty you are facing right now.


Time waits for no man, created in an energy field where everything is always changing and transforming. Terms like revolution, evolution, and technology are all used to describe the constant change. Avoid procrastination just keep moving.

To be successful, we cannot be stagnant; we need to grow just like the plants. Appreciate the high and low tides, they are part of life’s journey. Embrace every moment as it comes. Do the best you can with the things you have. It is not easy; however, it is more destructive not to try. Mistakes are life lessons, and they mold us to be the best that we can be. Ride your tide.

At birth, a child is fearless and ready to take on the world. Created wonderfully, not knowing fear, one naturally learns survival instinct. We acquire knowledge, being exposed to a wealth of information. Information that can make us swim or drown.

Reality of Life

The reality is, it is what it is, none of us are invincible. We all get hit by waves, the choice to swim or drown is yours. Live life to the fullest, the race is for those who can endure.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is about The high and low tide – Life. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Stay focus. Of course, anything can be won if you stay focused on your focus. That is why it is possible to reach the goal only if you have to focus on your work at the right time.

  2. A good choice in the topic, I like the facts contained in the high and low tides of life. Even though there can be challenges, life have to go on and we have to live it to the fullest. it’s like you see things the way I see them in terms of motivational words in general not only women please, I beg to differ here. Keep on improving your theme and include some relevant pictures.



    1. Thank you for your comment, I am working on adding more pictures in my post. 

      Question:Majority of men are hardcore, do you think they need any extra form of motivation?

  3. I totally believe in living life to the fullest.  It’s really the only way to stay happy and healthy.  I choose not to let the bad things that happen drag me down.  There is always the opportunity to see the bright side or to take action to get headed in the right direction again.  The glass is always half full!

  4. What a inspiring and wonderful article, the insights are honest and thoughtful and inspiring. Include some photos in your post to brighten it up with this topic. I like the satay it focused and the allegation to a baby learning to walk. If we keep that wonder and sense of adventure as we go older, we will soar higher than we can dream. 


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