The Importance of Debriefing During and After a Pandemic


Pandemics are nature’s way of reshaping our lives. But for regular human beings, pandemics cause feelings of anxiety, grief, and stress. That’s not all. Pandemics force us to cancel our plans and upend our livelihoods at times. At such events, psychological debriefing is recommended and should be organized.

And how does this debriefing help you, if you ask? Well, these debriefings are organized to help people process stressful and traumatic events. These debriefings ultimately help avoid any mental health problems in the future.

In this article, we are going to talk about – why debriefing is important not only during a pandemic but also after a pandemic.

Why Is Debriefing Important During a Pandemic?

Pandemics have a huge impact on the economy and the health situation of the nations. But the psycho social impact on societies is probably the greatest of them all. Although this impact will be different for different groups of people, the impact will still be profound.

Debriefing During A Pandemic Can Help Us in Several Ways:

  • • We can all learn from each other’s challenges and find a way to succeed no matter what
  • • Create plans and take initiatives. All these will bring positive changes a midst all the uncertainties
  • • Deal with situations and incidents much more effectively the next time
  • • Educate ourselves well enough to prevent it from happening at a subsequent time

Importance and Need of Debriefing After a Pandemic

The trauma, stress, and anxiety experienced by people during pandemics; sometimes manifest years later. And can end up causing issues in almost every aspect of a person’s life. It can lead to eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, and depression. Debriefing helps people share personal experiences faced during a particularly stressful situation.

The goal of these debriefing programs is to assess the effectiveness of crisis management in individuals. Debriefing post-pandemic can help people in the following situations:

  • • It can help people reconnect with their surroundings as well as families and friends. Especially if a person has started avoiding people and places and has become isolated.
  • • It can help individuals start enjoying doing the things they used to previously. This is because there are people who might have stopped enjoying or lost interest in their daily activities altogether.
  • • It can help people who have been experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, or even hallucinations. Debriefing will help distress and letting go of the memories and ordeals of the pandemic.
  • • Debriefings help people deal with the problem of feeling excessive emotional. People tend to get jumpy, irritated, angry, easily annoyed, emotionally unavailable, and detached. And that’s not all. They can also have physical symptoms like diarrhea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, muscle tension, and rapid breathing. Debriefing helps in becoming emotionally and physically more stable.

Debriefing can be considered simply as an information-sharing session between peers. Each of the listeners can act as a counselor or therapist for the other. They can help understand and process the shared information. One of the most important reasons why debriefing is important is that it helps assess the need for further counseling. And thereby, it ensures a brighter, happy, and peaceful future for each of us.

4 Replies to “The Importance of Debriefing During and After a Pandemic”

  1. Excellent topic. Very good suggestions being offered here. Out of all the topics in the world, I would not have thought about someone putting together a site that discusses the pros/cons and the ins/outs of a pandemic. It is interesting that you discuss procrastination at a time like this. I would think with all of us being stuck at home for so long that we would have gotten lots and lots of things done without procrastinating.

    very good topic.

    1. A lot of us have extra time right now, the situation may not look good, however life goes on. We need to move forward with a positive mind

  2. Thanks for this interesting post.

    i certainly agree that people need to talk through what they have experienced and where necessary learn to accept it and to move on.  This debriefing can be in groups or one to one with a counsellor.  Sometimes we are not totally aware of our feelings, or sometimes we are not being totally honest with ourselves until we do explore exactly how we feel and actually hear ourselves saying it out loud.

    This is important when dealing with any major events in our lives.

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