The Importance Of PPE- Staying Safe

Learn about The Importance Of PPE:

The Importance Of PPE

Before the corona virus pandemic, Personal Protection Equipment was used extensively by professionals to protect themselves from infectious germs and viruses. But this pandemic has made PPE a need for everyone. The population has a great need to protect themselves from this virus, and it essential for us to know the different types of Personal Protective Equipment and their proper use.

But, before we start discussing different types of PPE and their uses, let’s find out what PPE exactly is.

What Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Personal protective equipment or PPE is designed to protect the wearers from any potential health risks and also to prevent the spread of infection. PPE, specially designed for coronavirus disease, include face shields, masks, head covers, goggles, gloves, gowns, shoe covers, etc. Healthcare professionals and social care workers need PPE the most since they are at high risk for coronavirus disease. However, during this pandemic, everyone should use PPE now in order to protect him or her from getting infected.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19


The key feature of the corona virus is respiratory symptoms, such as dry coughing. The virus spreads primarily through saliva droplets or discharges from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Hence, the reason masks are essential – for the infected and those around them.

While it does help to cover your cough or sneeze and face away from others, covering your mouth with your elbow or sleeve does not fully contain saliva droplets flung into the air. A face mask keeps saliva and discharges completely controlled, protecting those around you.

Besides, face masks protect healthy individuals from breathing in the saliva droplets of an infected person.

The most efficient and effective masks are N95 respirators, which fit the individual wearer. These can be difficult to acquire because we all want to beat this virus.


According to the International Institutes of Health, the corona virus can stay stable on surfaces for several hours, similar to the original SARS virus. On plastic and stainless steel, scientists found viable traces of COVID-19 two to three days after exposure. Disinfectants help by disintegrating the virus thus preventing it from spreading.

Gloves and gowns

Safety gloves and gowns are critical PPE because they prevent your hands and body from being exposed to the virus on surfaces. We use our hands for everything, and because the virus can live without a host for quite some time, it is astonishingly easy to spread the virus via touch. Granted, touching someone with infected gloves is no better than touching them with your bare hands, but gloves to protect the wearer from exposure – as long as you remove and dispose of them properly.

More Protection

Healthcare professionals or frontliners who are at high risk should use the following protective gears for extra protection against coronavirus.

·         Face Shields and Goggles

Coronavirus spreads from the droplets generated by the infected patients while coughing or sneezing. So, it is necessary to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth. Here face shields and goggles come to your rescue. Googles with prescription glasses and face shields are designed to protect the users from contracting COVID-19. They are an integral part of contact precaution.

·         Head Covers

While providing treatments to coronavirus patients, healthcare professionals should be extra cautious. To stay on the safe side, they should use high-quality PPE from face shields to headcovers. With a head cover, they will be able to cover their head and neck and thus, can protect themselves from getting infected. While choosing a head cover, the users should check whether the head cover fits their hair or hair extensions properly.

·         Shoe Covers

Last but not least – shoe covers are important when it comes to coronavirus protection. Made of impermeable fabric, shoe covers will protect the wearers from any possible contamination.

You may need to use different types of PPE as individuals are unique. Some workplaces might have written instructions about when to wear PPE and what type to use. PPE is required when you care for people who are in isolation as well as other patients.

Important Facts about Coronavirus

  • COVID-19 is spread from respiratory droplets of patients who have been suffering from this disease. People without PPE can be infected when they come in close contact with patients. Also, the droplets from infected patients can contaminate surfaces. People can also get infected through their contact with contaminated objects or surfaces.
  • The COVID-19 virus is known to live on surfaces for a few days. It could be a plastic or stainless-steel surface. How long the virus will live depends on the following factors – humidity, sunlight, and temperature.
  • The virus can be killed through disinfectants, detergents, and so on. This is why; it is necessary to use disinfectants to stay on the safe side.

    Tips on How to Use PPE Safely?

    1. Once you wear a mask, goggles, face shield, and other personal protective equipment, make sure that you do not touch your face, nose, or eyes while trying to adjust them.
    2. Make sure that you wear the mask in such a way so that it covers your mouth and nose.
    3. While entering a room where the COVID-19 patient was isolated or quarantined, do not remove your PPE, even if the room is empty. Keep your face mask and eye protection with you until the room is properly cleaned or sanitized.
    4. Dispose of your PPE after every single use and place it in the commercial waste areas instead of storing it in a regular garbage bin.
    5. Clean your hands before removing your masks, eyewear, head cover, gown, etc.
    6. Use alcohol-based sanitizer or soap while cleaning your hands.

You may need to use different types of PPE as individuals are unique. Some workplaces might have written instructions about when to wear PPE and what type to use. PPE is required when you care for people who are in isolation as well as other patients.

Today, when we are still trying to cope with the pandemic, it is crucial for us to equip ourselves with the necessary equipment to keep ourselves and our loved one’s safe and away from the virus.

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50 Replies to “The Importance Of PPE- Staying Safe”

  1. Great information. I believe that we need to use PPE everywhere we go during this pandemic period, whether in a red zone or safe area. I think we will need at least one or two years to get back into the pre-covid period, where we don’t need to wear masks everywhere we go. By the way, do you think a face shield is important to use? Or, masks are enough?

    1. The role of PPE is to prevent the spread of the virus. If you love touching your face, I recommend a face shield. If a mask is not an option because of health reasons, I recommend a face shield.

      How do you determine a safe zone? I believe precaution is better than cure. Let us do all we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

      Continue to stay safe and follow protocol.

  2. It is just so amazing how diseases can spread and especially in this day and time we should do all that we can to ensure that both us and our family are safe. We should follow as we are advised even though it may not seem at times to be important we should folllow the rules and the guides of the health official. many people have become sick because they are not following the rules so lets follow the rules and stay save.

    1. We should all do the little we can to keep ourselves and our families safe. The virus is affecting all f us we all should follow protocol and use PPE

  3. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such an informative article. Frankly speaking its a new abbreviation am learning here about PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). The COVID 19 pandemic has truly been a major drawback for us all and i believe it will take some time for us to recover. Are there any specific disinfectants that you have to use or you can just use any to protect yourself from getting infected by COVID 19? 

    1. COVID-19 continues to be a major Drawback. I get all my PPE supplies from CovCare. Refer to link in the article both the lysol and clorox band are effective. Continue to stay safe and follow protocol

  4. Hello,

    Perfect post-perfect time! We know we need to use PPE to prevent spreading any kind of diseases; but not everyone wants to use PPE. I am working at a nursing home, and  two weeks ago somebody brought the virus in our facility (not wearing the mask). These two weeks were horrible to work, we had to use PPE, sanitizers, and other precautions to stop spreading the virus. And we did it. 

    I am so proud of myself and co-workers that we stopped the virus spreading in the whole facility…and the PPE were in the first place!

    Thanks for the article, everyone has to know how important to wear PPE  at the hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other places.

    1. It’s unfortunate when others suffer because a few people will not follow protocol. Hopefully, this post will educate and encourage people to take necessary steps  to stay safe and keep their families protected also

  5. Thank you for sharing this article. There is so much misinformation circulating surrounding this virus, it’s absolutely insane. It’s very important to wear a mask, maintain an at least six foot distance from those around you, and to properly disinfect your clothes and any other surfaces that may have come into contact with the public. I just wish more people, including individuals in the United States government, took this virus more seriously and we were taking similar lock down measures to countries like Denmark and New Zealand. Absolutely amazing how people can lack common sense and empathy in these modern times.

  6. I would advise readers to use the NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator or higher (usage of a facemask if a respirator is not available is highly recommended). If the respirator has a nosepiece, it must be close-fitted to the nose with both hands, not bent or tented. Do not pinch the nosepiece with one hand.

  7. I have to say that before the global pandemic, not that many people are aware of the PPE unless you work in the medical settings. I work in the assisted living and some wings we have to use the full PPE since some of our residents are having the full contact with the hospitals (go for dialysis and such) and some of them even got the positive result. 

    Anyway, at my establishment. We all have to use the KN-95 mask, gloves, gargles and and the gown. So far ever since it started, I am still covid free. I am about to get the second vaccine shot soon this coming Friday 🙂 

  8. This is a very important topic in today’s world. Every human on earth needs PPE if they are to go out of their home at all. Ensuring you have the proper safety gear is important to hopefully prevent the further spread of this virus. If we all do our part then perhaps we will be able to get together with friends and family again in the near future. 

  9. Hey Diana. Very interesting article. To be fair I was never to much interested with medicine and health safety but Covid changed everything. We need reliable information to protect ourselves and our families. Thank you for great post and recommendation, Im seeing that there is lot to choose in CovCare site. Looking forward to test their products in practice.

  10. I feel it’s important to stay safe but I technically don’t agree with the mask mandate.  Especially when they say any face covering instead of using PPE that would actually help.  I am a firm believer in keeping your hands clean, off your face and I do agree that the social distancing is helping during this time, not that I like it but it seems to be working.  Some people wear just a facial covering like a scarf, not sure how that actually helps,  Your post was very informative to help us all keep the virus away.

  11. Hello there! This is a very important article especially during this time of COVID-19. This was one virus that hit the world by surprise and has taken a toll on the health of many victims. The safety of one’s health cannot be emphasized enough! One should do whatever it takes to protect their health and what better way than to invest in some PPE! It surprises me how some people still take this all very lightly. Hopefully they have a change in their understanding of the highly critical situation soon. Thanks for providing these resources!

  12. I got my first reusable mask at the hardware store.  The cashier insisted I needed a mask to use the industrial drain cleaner I was buying. I was completely exasperated when I told him to just add the mask to my bill.  One month later, there was not a mask to be found anywhere.  I was glad to have it then!  I suggest that everyone lay in a supply of disposable when they can and keep extras in their cars and their homes, both for themselves and those who need one.  Thank you for this link!

  13. Great article on Covid and PPE. I have used PPE most of my life in my job, and the critical point is to use the correct PPE and have it fitted correctly. It is no good wearing a mask if it does not fit properly or is the wrong type for the application.

    Gloves is also a big one, One of the places that I worked had a glove policy, and you had to wear gloves NO Matter what task you were doing. Having the right gloves is critical, no good trying to fix a computer or serve food with welding gloves.

    1. Emphasis needs to be placed on wearing PPE correctly, it makes no sense wearing a mask under your nose. Let’s all do it correctly. Thank you for commenting

  14. I wish I had owned stock in Purell, but GOJO is a private company. I am surprised RGBLY is not performing better. Lysol was non-existent on the shelves for months. Who would have thought a year ago, that we are still talking about wearing masks, disinfectant shortages, gloves and gowns?. Where is the best place to buy these items? Which items are no longer available? 

  15. Thank you for this article. Before the pandemic, i really never thought that I would not be living the house with out masks and hand sanitizer for the entire family. But now tthey’re a must. I have to check my bag if I already have them before finally closing the door. How time change in just one snap! Hoping that this pandemic is going to end soon and hoping that everyone is safe and taking the safety precautions all the time!

    1. Hand sanitizer and face mask are now essential, now when leaving the house you have more to add to the list of things required. Tank you for commenting

  16. This is an important article to share showing why these equipments are essential and how they can help slow the spread of the virus. 

    I know quite a few people who don’t believe in these rules and it’s pathetic! We need to do our part as much as possible if we want to return or even get close to the norm.

    Thanks for this post, it should be shared!

  17. It is very important for not only health care professionals but also for the general public to take some of these precautions in order to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. Most of the doctors that I know are also using a face shield as well, to give them another layer of protection while they work on the front lines. 

  18. Understand there are many types of masks and each has its uniques purpose and advantages. Are you able to illustrate further with photo to show us?

    Sometimes I wear disposable mask and other times put on reuseable and washable mask. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. How do you feel about these? 

    1. Both mask have advantages and disadvantages. N95 provides a greater level of protection, washable masks can be used multiple times, just wash and reuse. Will update this post with images, thank you for your comments.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read today to learn more about what is Personal Protection Equipment and why we all need to know more about it, after reading your article I think this is the accurate information I was looking for to know more about why is important the use of mask, gloves and gowns and some desinfectants in our daily life, as the world changed from last year, no matter where we live, we all had to learn how to live under this new circustances and do the best to protect ourselves, our families and everybory. I’m sure your article will help many to learn more about this important topic. 

  20. Your article is informative, yet concise and covers the importance of PPE. And especially important to use PPE during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yet it’s unfortunate that some people choose to not wear masks during the pandemic, even though it has been repeatedly proven over and over again that it is an effective way to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. The more people that use PPE, the less the virus will spread and the sooner we all as a civilization will get back to a sense of normalcy. 

    1. I totally agree Matt, we have to do the little we can to control this virus.  Thank you for commenting

  21. This is a good article, I like how you explained the different types of PPE and how they can be used to protect us from the virus.

    What is your opinion on face shields? 

    Also, you mentioned that the virus spreads really easily through touching contaminated surfaces. Does this mean it would be best to wear both gloves and a mask when in public spaces?

    1. Some establishments recommend you sanitize and wash hands often.

      Imagine a cashier receives and gives money so often, even while  wearing gloves they can spread the virus. I recommend wearing a mask and sanitizing often

  22. Hello Diana. I really like your article. I’m a property manager so PPE has always played a very significant role in my professional life. But I do agree with you, since the pandemic, PPE has become a very important aspect in everyone’s life. I really like the section on how to use PPE safely. In your opinion, what makes CovCare the best PPE provider?

  23. I am concerned how people take personal protection equipment lightly. It literally can be the difference between life and death. At first I only used mask and I always applied disinfectant when I enter the door at my home and went directly to take a bath. But I will start using a face mask now too.

  24. I can see why PPE equipment can be useful in a real pandemic. A couple of months ago the CDC released an article that masks are actually useless to protect against C19. C19 is a flu virus and I believe virus lives within us and is not catchable via droplets. Plenty of experts on the topic have confirmed this by the way. 

    1. I feel safe wearing a mask and will continue using one when I am out in public. You an adult, you are free to decide whether you will wear a mask or not. 

  25. In this time where covid 19 is ravaging people I’d say your post is very informative. After reading your article I’ve become a little confident that if I atleast use PPE I can save myself from this global problem. I hope this message reaches a lot of people because it can truly save lives.

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