Tips to Overcome Procrastination


It’s Sunday evening, and the clock seems to tick faster than it should be. You’re working tirelessly to complete an assignment of six o’clock deadline, while still scolding yourself for not starting it any sooner. How did this happen to you? What went wrong? Why didn’t you start sooner? Procrastination is something that we’ve done at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a college student or a grown adult, we tend to put off important work until we can no longer put it off. No worries! TheĀ following tips can help you overcome procrastination.

Realizing there is no perfect time to start anything

Count the number of times you’ve put off a task, saying you’re going to start it at a particular time. But the truth is, there’s no right time to begin. Trying to get to your job as soon as you get it, rather than putting it off for your weekend or the time you get home. We must learn not to give in to the urge to procrastinate in the first place. You might be surprised how much easier it was to finish the job once you get started.

Avoid distraction

It is hard to get any real work done when you have a phone that pings every minute someone sends a message. There’s a tendency to check who’s seen your Facebook status every time your phone’s screen lights up. Try switching off your phone till you work or get a quieter place without any distractions, such as phones, TV, music, or people.

Create a schedule

Having a schedule to do your task works best to overcome the procrastination habit. Not only does it help you to focus better, but it also makes you accustomed to daily working habits. Try making a To-do list of the work you need to do, estimate how long it might take you to complete that task, and double it to overcome the cognitive trap of underestimating how long the project could take. Every day accomplishing them will give you a sense of success every night when you to bed.

Reward yourself

Compensation encourages one to achieve goals and boost self-esteem.

You could try to reward yourself by giving yourself a chance to do something you love doing that could be a treat, watching a movie, or playing video games. It is vital to associate the idea of working with something that gives you pleasure.

Take breaks

It’s perfectly normal to feel tired and exhausted while completing a big project. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” take a break time to give rest to your body and mind. One may be inclined to the idea of completing everything in the first sitting, but the truth is that you will end up exhausting yourself. Once you’ve put together a work plan, try to detail the process you need to get through while you’re doing it. These tiny tasks act like “baby steps” that lead to a larger target.


Breaking the habit of procrastination is not easy. If that were the case, why would an estimate of 80% -85% of students struggle with it? The urge to put things off can be very persistent, especially if you have so many distractions around you. We can not always avoid procrastination, however, being mindful gives us a level of control over procrastination. Being organized certainly helps to get started in the process of overcoming procrastination and live a productive life

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