Tips To Save Money During Covid-19

2020, Wow! who saw it coming? A year that should go down in history, The year that stretch our income beyond limits. The loss of jobs hindering revenue and the expenditure rate being very high makes every coin count. So how do I save money very fast amidst Covid-19, you may ask?


Yes! You heard me right; that tube of cream or lotion has to be used to the last drop. Avoid wasting, ensures you spend less, and in case you have plenty of unfinished business in that area, you better get started because you have a lot of tubes to finish.

2.DIY (Do it yourself)

With so much time spent at home, please get to the internet and watch the Do It Yourself tutorial on baking, growing your herbs, doing your hair or nails. ThisDoing it yourself will save you gas money to the store, time, and give you pride that you can at least do something yourself.


Those leftovers do not belong to the bin! You can add spring onion, spices, bacon, or cheese to leftovers and be able to enjoy a good brunch. Making a casserole means you have one meal to cover for breakfast and dinner; hence, saving you expenditure for one meal and prep items needed.


Believe it or not, staying home will save you a lot of gas money, and food expenditure, most importantly, medical bills. With Corona lurking, you do not need to take the risk of being outdoors. Instead, find activities to do indoors like daily YouTube exercise channels, board games, learning a new language, or earn a degree.


What? How does meditating save me money? Once you have a clear mind, you can budget better. Budgeting prevents unnecessary sending. Furthermore, meditation boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, and enhances our cognitive function. When you build your immune system, we spend less on medication and losses from impulse buying.

So there you have it, my top 5 ways of saving money fast.

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