Tips To Save Money During Covid-19

2020, Wow! who saw it coming? A year that should go down in history, The year that stretch our income beyond limits. The loss of jobs hindering revenue and the expenditure rate being very high makes every coin count. So how do I save money very fast amidst Covid-19, you may ask?


Yes! You heard me right; that tube of cream or lotion has to be used to the last drop. Avoid wasting, ensures you spend less, and in case you have plenty of unfinished business in that area, you better get started because you have a lot of tubes to finish.

2.DIY (Do it yourself)

With so much time spent at home, please get to the internet and watch the Do It Yourself tutorial on baking, growing your herbs, doing your hair or nails. Doing it yourself will save you gas money to the store, time, and give you pride that you can at least do something yourself.


Those leftovers do not belong to the bin! You can add spring onion, spices, bacon, or cheese to leftovers and be able to enjoy a good brunch. Making a casserole means you have one meal to cover for breakfast and dinner; hence, saving you expenditure for one meal and prep items needed.


Believe it or not, staying home will save you a lot of gas money, and food expenditure, most importantly, medical bills. With Corona lurking, you do not need to take the risk of being outdoors. Instead, find activities to do indoors like daily YouTube exercise channels, board games, learning a new language, or earn a degree.


What? How does meditating save me money? Once you have a clear mind, you can budget better. Budgeting prevents unnecessary sending. Furthermore, meditation boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, and enhances our cognitive function. When you build your immune system, we spend less on medication and losses from impulse buying.

Nobody knows what the result of the Coronavirus pandemic will be. There have been talks about a basic income check for countries soon. Others rely on faith to get through each new day. Regardless, while some people are self-quarantining and practicing social distancing, it’s always good to keep things in perspective when something like this occurs.

Your money, your job, your education – all of it – might be on pause for the foreseeable future. You might feel distressed about your plans and goals. The tips mentioned above can help you in saving money and putting things back in perspective. You can slowly adjust yourself to a more minimalistic lifestyle.

But remember, it will all be OK, and everything will bounce back. How do I know? Because it always does. It’s not a matter of if, just when. During a difficult time, do your best to focus on what is most important to you. Things like family, your health, and life is what matters.

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6 Replies to “Tips To Save Money During Covid-19”

  1. Thanks for all your good tips about managing money during COVID-19.  This is indeed the year that stretches our income beyond limits.

    The obvious tips of not wasting anything bear repeating.  Squeeze that toothpaste tube to the end!  Avoid wasting!   Do it yourself is also a good tip.  Watching the many free “Do It Yourself” tutorials on the internet is an excellent use of your time during these trying times.  It’s amazing how self-sufficient it will make you feel!

    Brunch it is also a good tip.  No waste here!  You can do wonders with leftover!

    Staying home is also a good tip.  It’s amazing how much money you save by staying home!

    Meditating is also a good tip.  How does meditating save you money?   It clears your mind and, with a clear mind you can budget better.  Makes sense, right?   Plus meditation boosts the immune system, reducing blood pressure and enhancing our cognitive function (a new one for me).

    All of all, a very informative article!

    1. We need to monitor our finances. Small adjustments in our lifestyle can go a long way in your future. Thanks, Monique

  2. When COVID-19 started it made me worried. I have been trying to save for emergencies but it’s difficult to do it when less money is coming in. I have also tried to do some side hustles to make ends meet. But I am glad I came upon your post. The tip concerning staying home is particularly helpful. Thank you!

  3. This is indeed an amazing post for me. During the COVID-19 months, I was actually living like a king because I had long before ventured into freelancing and was seriously thriving in it.  Just after the C19 pandemic started, I saw many people lament starvation as a result of the stay-at-home order. While that was the experience with many people out there, I was busy working for clients and saving funds for the future. So, it’s good to freelance once you have identified some skills that you can monetize.

    1. It is a wonderful thing to create passive income, however it take dedication, time and hard work for a business to grow. We should not take things for granted and avoid wastage.

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