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Why Vote for technology? Here is why…

Today technology is no longer wanted; it is an actual NEEDED. Like food, clothing, and shelter, it is detrimental to anyone not having the technological know-how to run their day to day activities. In the past, some parts of the world was reserved for the chosen few; the elite. It is now a do or die affair.


Vote for technology:

A scramble for space in the technological niche will make or break an individual.

The smartphone, Wow! This invention took the world by storm. It consolidated different parts of daily life into one. We no longer have wall clocks, watches, newspapers, books, calendars, radio, calculators, and letters sending via post box; all these are in one gadget.

With a smartphone, you can now work from home, attend meetings, learn languages, and manage tasks. Traveling is easy using transport and logistics apps to book for flights and taxi services via our phones. Lifestyle apps that offer recipes, movies, hair care, farming tips, and interior design, not to mention online shopping and e-commerce, are also available on the smartphone. A smartphone is a go-to gadget that makes life easy and trendy.

When I saw my first computer, I was elated. Today I know, the speed at which it was operating was discouraging. Fast-forward NOW, computers are increasingly smaller and faster hence portable and, most importantly, personal. The advantage is, you can now work virtually everywhere with or without fiber optic cables; as long as you have a mobile service provider, you can access all you need by hot-spotting or tethering your laptop to your smartphone. Almost every school now has computer classes, with at least one member of the student’s immediate or extended family, own a computer.

In today’s world, most computers have taken the shape of tablets, which are small enough to fit in hand but large enough to present text in a decent size. They also do not require a keyboard or a mouse for operation. Not only are they much cheaper than laptops and PCs, but they are also very efficient. Tablet apps use touch screen effects and deliver an experience that can otherwise not be available on a computer. The choice of tablets in 2020 depends on the operating system, either Android or IOS, and the buyer budget. One assurance I can give is whatever budget you have; rest assured will be sorted.

It wouldn’t be worth mentioning technological evolution without saying social media. Instagram, Facebook, Snapshot, and Tik tok are all anchored on smart gadgets. The quality of videos and pictures are rooted in the megapixels, filters, and editing tools available. It is a symbiotic relationship for all smart devices in that while you can do all you possibly can with a smartphone or tablet, you cannot do it all. You will require either a desktop computer or laptop to put in the finer details, even with the presence of photo or video editing filters.

How about the evolution of video conferencing, with applications like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft team for video and audio calls? School records, religious activities, organizational meetings, medical conferences are now running on a virtual platform. While there are critics that technology is harmful, I dare say it is doing more good than harm in this day and age. There are endless possibilities to explore when it comes to technology today and beyond; however much you can resist it, you cannot resist an idea whose time has come. Do not be left behind, join the technology bandwagon, and vote for technology.

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8 Replies to “Vote for technology – Growth”

  1. I have never given so much thought into this perspective but at the same time I could not agree more. Technology has increased the amount of opportunities one may have. Five years ago I took a full class online from just my smartphone. Right now, my phone is my source of entertainment, social life, and even so far as to my working platform. The way technology keeps improving I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

  2. Seriously. You have hit this right on the spot. To be honest, people should start giving serious thought to the benefits attached to the technological influences. Honestly, it cannot get easier or better than it is presently. The immense benefits that comes with technology has been immeasurable. So, this is really cool to see here. Thanks

  3. Technology has made our whole life easier and very pleasant to live, a lot of things are done with ease and humans don’t really need to stress under work when their are machines to do them. Technological development is what everyone is embracing now,  how do you think security can be ensured alongside technology?

    1. Technology is such a broad subject, security can be ensured with technology in several ways. Take for instance replacing security guards with high tech cameras. Scanning devices that can be used to detect wepons, drugs…

      Technology continues to make our lives easier 🙂

  4. I agree that technology’s time has come and this global pandemic has certainly hastened its worldwide acceptance.

    Out of necessity companies have learned the benefit of using remote workers. Personally, I believe that is here to stay.

    Seriously, why would they go back to the higher expenses of an office if they can pay their employees to work from home?

    I think the only businesses that will require a physical location will be service businesses like hair salons and restaurants.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Do we really think things will ever go back to how they were?

    I certainly don’t. I think these changes in how we learn and work are here to stay.

    For better or for worse, the world has changed seemingly overnight.

    Have you embraced technology?

    1. I have certainly embraced technology, it is the way forward. Why pay flight and accommodation for an employee when everything can be done virtually at no cost? Every employer is looking for maximum profit. 

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