We all suffer – No one is immune

We all suffer – No one is immune. How? Read it.


Life is not a bed of roses. Despite how unique we all seem on earth, we share many things in common as far as age, gender, struggles, histories, and life experiences. The wealthy, middle class, and poor suffer. The wise and fool also suffer. Nobody is immune from suffering. Some religions testify that we are no different and that we are love. Somewhere down in our souls, we must know, we as a whole have a strong relationship with the incomparable source of love, the creator.

Trials might take different forms; the gathering of views and feelings of weakness, low self-esteem, lack of satisfaction, shame, and acceptance is inherently mutual. There are some area differences; cultural inconsistencies that set us apart. A negative approach compounds a challenging situation.

There is some level of agreement between nature’s purpose and that of individuals. As difficult as our life is on earth, we can remain alive or even flourish. To thrive, we need to adapt and be resourceful. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Think about the number of times nature’s purpose and that of humans clash, as demonstrated by all manner of nuisances, illnesses, and natural disasters. No one is immune. We all suffer.

Pain pops from various stages during our life. Suffering is the generalized trauma that engages us all uniquely. While some may appear to suffer more than others, much pain is comparative. It is not as if there are massive gaps of experience concerning suffering if we limit our view to a specific culture.

Pain and suffering are part of the human experience. However, our encounters with pain and suffering may be slightly different. Discomfort and suffering are holy, and these experiences are to be valued. The process we go through during pain and suffering can elevate individuals. No life is an ideal life, yet no life is horrible.

Your response determines the degree to which you suffer. Pain can be a door to inner awakening and enlightenment. Do not allow life challenges to deprive your most significant accomplishment. You are not alone!

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6 Replies to “We all suffer – No one is immune”

  1. Wow! This article is so motivating and encouraging. We all suffer or struggle with certain things in our lives and in different stages of our life. Basic example I am getting more back pains in my old age whereas I had nothing when I was younger. Thus we all will face different troubles in life or even similar situations. Thus we are never alone. 

  2. This is a fantastic article! This article is extremely inspiring and motivational. In our lives and at certain times of our lives, we all suffer or battle with certain things. Having said that, we must never forget that we are not alone. Pain can be a gateway to enlightenment and inner awakening.

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