Are men missing the corona point?

Are men missing the corona point… Know the details…

When Covid-19 hit the globe, most people, especially men, did not take it seriously enough to keep the virus under control. No washing of hands, wearing masks, or even social distancing. I guess we are learning from our mistakes. No wonder they accounted for 58% of Corona deaths world-wide. As the virus unfolds, we continue to adapt because we must live with this thing, creating a new normal.

As I continue to adapt, it plagues my mind how some people behave. While some of us are paranoid and being overly cautious, others are living carefree lives. It hurts when seeing some sacrificing so much while others do not care, and some come up with a million reasons for the virus being a hoax. Their relaxed behavior puts all of us at risk.

Even knowing that it’s a contact spread virus, this seems to be at the back of some men’s minds when they are socializing. They forget about six feet apart and personal space. They still want to have their cake and eat it. Curfew restrictions mean there is limited time to engage in “illicit” affairs; hence, my question is whether men are cheating more or less during COVID-19? Second question; if they are, are they take the necessary precautions to control this virus?

Sometimes we need to stop playing games and be serious. Let us look at the number of deaths. Isn’t that enough reason to be calm until we find a vaccine? Let’s forget how we did things and move with time for a better tomorrow. Our decisions today will determine the number of lives spared. While men are trying to find ways to cope with the virus’s invasion, wildlife seems to be thriving.

Several people have lost jobs, and some are experiencing pay cuts. For unemployed people with a mortgage, bills, and children, life just got harder. I am left to wonder; what sacrifices will be made to pay those bills or to care for their children? Will it cause divisions, abuse, and all the negative ills? Or will they see this pandemic as an opportunity to grow themselves, propelling themselves to financial independence?

The law of demand and supply dictate that in a market when the supply is surplus and the demand low, the price ceiling is low. Therefore, many opportunistic men take advantage of the fact that many ladies are “needy” and opportunities to explore other avenues are minimal. While the situation on the ground dictates that it could only be a transaction, psychology dictates ladies tend to cling to men after they have been intimate.

I think it is time men take a back seat and think of the impact of their decisions. What will happen if they bring the disease home to their loved ones? Other than Corona, are they exposing their spouses and family at large to other diseases due to multiple partners? If they were to be empathetic, I would love for them to put their desires aside and focus not on their rendezvous’ but their families.

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6 Replies to “Are men missing the corona point?”

  1. Hi, it’s a pity how we seem to under-estimate the precautions we are always told to be aware of. There’s nothing painful than suffering the consequences which resulted from someone’s else failure to abide by the necessary rules, it really sucks. But what matters most is how find the solution to the pandemic, blaming others will not help us in any way.  

  2. Hey Diana. Very important article. Covid affected all of us, our family and friends and we do need to support each other to go through these difficult times. I’m not necessary convinced is ignoring virus is men domain, I’ve seen lot of irresponsible behavior from both men and women. I think what we all need to do is not only to obey restrictions but also talk to our loved ones to make sure that everybody understand importance of them. Only this way we will be able to keep our families safe.

  3. Thanks for the post. I could not agree with you more. One of the causes for that behavior is that the number of people who do not respect other people’s wishes or other people, in general, is large.  There is no respect and consideration for someone else’s opinion, there is no respect for someone else’s life, there is no respect for someone else’s wishes. In addition, there is no consideration for someone else’s health, there is no consideration for people losing their jobs, and there is no consideration for businesses going down. People only care about themselves. 

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