Why Should You Effectively Manage Time?

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Why Should You Effectively Manage Time and How Should You Do It?

We have all heard the saying, “time and tide waits for none”. This line is a grim reminder to all of us that time, once gone, can never be brought back. One can have all the resources in the world, but if he or she fails to utilize time, it is gone forever. Zoning out, ending up wasting time, and consequently not getting any work done is a pretty common thing most of us can relate to. But if we try to look into the lives of uber-successful personalities all around the world, the one thing that will be the same in all their lifestyles is how they manage their time.

In a way, we have to have the resolve to utilize time wisely so that there is time for serious work and also for leisure. In the context of time management, let us first try to understand why effective time management is so important?

1. Increased Productivity

Once you start to exert pressure on yourself about finishing your daily tasks within a certain timeframe, you will see that you will be much more efficient and productive than usual. It doesn’t matter how trivial or how serious the tasks are; always timing it sets a sort of timer inside the subconscious of your mind, and you finish more work and chores within the same timeframe than before.

2. Decreased Stress (About Deadlines)

Most of us will be able to relate to finishing a project the night before submission without getting a wink of sleep and walking around like a zombie the next day. Well, I think we all knew even then that if only we had not procrastinated earlier, we would have saved ourselves from all that stress. Efficient time management allows us to break our larger goals into smaller deadlines so that we don’t become an anxious and stressed mess of a human being by the end of the deadline. After all, why should we go through such discomfort in the body and mind if we can finish tasks every day?

3. Honed Decision-Making Skills

On careful observation, you will see that people who are poor at time management also struggle to make decisions. This is because they lack the conviction to set their mind to something. Efficient time management skills are the opposite of this habit. By forcing yourself to accomplish the tasks, you are also constantly making smaller decisions about which task to finish before and how to go about doing it. Before long, this will become a habit for you, and you will no longer struggle about making a decision.

4. More Time for Self

Often, we get so caught up in the complicacies life and responsibilities throw at us we completely forget that we may need some leisure and refreshment. But we cannot accommodate it because, well, poor time management. Finishing up your tasks within the time not only saves you from stress but also leaves us enough time to do the thing we love to do. Only work and no fun will make your life miserable. Therefore, time management helps us utilize the 24 hours of the day most optimally.

5. Boost In Self-Confidence and Strive to Achieve More

Once you start to take it slow and get into the habit of wasting time, you will also get lazy, and gradually the hunger to do more achieve more will be lost in you. Think of it as a candle slowly burning out. Efficient time management will rekindle the flame for you. You start small by finishing daily tasks and meeting deadlines, and eventually, you will be seen as a responsible person, and this will push you to do better. A simple thing as proper utilization of time will be the key to your success in life.

Now that we are on the same page about why time management is essential let us walk through the tips and techniques for achieving it: –

· Break Your Goals Down into Smaller Attainable Goals

Let us take an example to elaborate this, suppose you have been asked to write an essay of 2000 words within a week. The number of words can scare anyone into putting it off for as long as possible. A person’s creative span for writing can only run for so long. But look at it this way – instead of doing it all in one day, divide the task throughout the week. Dedication one evening to list the things you want to write about and having a goal of writing 500 words every day can be more easily attained.

· Prioritize Tasks Wisely

As mentioned above, you will constantly be putting your decision-making skills to use. You need to be able to decide which tasks to accomplish first and which to put aside. Always start by doing the urgent and complicated or tiring ones first. Once you get them over with, doing the easy ones will be a piece of cake.

· Take Breaks

It is not only alright but necessary to take a breather or two in between tasks. In this way, your mind will not be exhausted, and you can come back to working with rejuvenated interest.

· Pre-plan

Although things always don’t go as we plan them, still you should have a basic plan of what you will be doing within a certain time frame. In this way, you will not be wasting any time dwelling on what to do next. You can use planners and mobile reminders to accomplish this.

· Limit Your Social Media Breaks

Social media is the nemesis of time management. Once you start scrolling, 2 hours will fly by without you getting any work done. Therefore, make sure to not take social media breaks every 20 or 30 minutes if you want to utilize your time.

· Say No to Multitasking

Take on one task at a time. If you try to do multiple things at once, then your attention and focus will be divided, and the quality of your work will suffer as a result.

Final Words

Some people are most productive during the day, while some prefer the silence of the night. It eventually depends on you if you wish to change yourself for the better and apply these tips to manage your time better.

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5 Replies to “Why Should You Effectively Manage Time?”

  1. Time management is such an important aspect of our lives, and many people do not manage their time effectively. This is a great reminder that we can be far more productive, if we spend our time wisely. 

    Breaking down your goals into smaller goals, makes it more realistic and achievable, than being confronted by a goal that doesn’t seem achievable. Time waits for no one, so spend it wisely. 

  2. I found this article to be very useful. I am a person that will push things back and then cram to get it all done, stressing myself out in the process. I have found myself losing motive too, I have been becoming lazier with m work and pushing it off for the next day. 

    I have also spent more time on one task then I should be. I am still trying to figure a lot of this out with my business, when I take a day off it is harder for me to get bak to doing it again. I need to just keep working little but often, as the only way to build success is to work for it. 

    Thank you!

    1. Accepting and knowing the areas in your life you need to improve is the first step. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Just stay focus and work towards your goals

  3. You are sooooo right. Time is so precious and once it has gone you can never get it back. Being productive is key to managing your time, and I find if I don’t make plans, the day sort of runs away with me. 

    If I make a list of things to do and complete on a daily basis, it definitely helps me feel a sense of accomplishment, and you tend to focus more as you want to get your tasks done.

    I try to limit checking emails and social media to once a day, or the time just runs away from you while doing these mundane tasks.

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